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Harris County Car Accident

car accident

Around 4:30 PM, a two-vehicle car crash took place in Houston, Texas, which left two people dead. One driver going northbound had lost control of their vehicle driving in the rain, crossing over the center divider into ongoing traffic from the southbound lane. The car was struck by a truck, which resulted in the car driver and passenger dying on impact. The truck driver and their passenger were taken to a hospital following the accident, and were found to be in critical condition.

Texas Car Accident Laws

Following a car accident, after calling emergency medical personnel, you should assess the damages to your vehicle and the other driver or drivers involved. In Texas law, you and all other drivers involved in the accident must provide personal information, including your registration number and insurance details. This is to allow the other drivers to contact you and work through yours and their insurance agencies to file a claim if needed.

Many car accidents often result in some level of damage or injury to the drivers involved. This can make it an expensive and painful thing to recover from. When involved in a car accident, you will want to determine who is deemed to be at fault to be able to seek damages.

Sometimes, though, determining who was at fault during an accident can be complicated. It may not always be clear whether someone solely caused an accident, or if there is shared fault. Under Texas law, there is a modified comparative negligence law, which allows those involved in accidents who are both found to be at fault to be allowed to recover damages when they are 50% or less responsible. Beyond this 50%, though, they are not eligible to recover damages.

Additionally, in these more complicated accident situations, filing a claim with your insurance provider can be difficult. When it is not as straightforward, there are many opportunities for your insurance provider to look for loopholes in your coverage contract to attempt to pay out less money, or deny your claim outright.

Contact an Accident Lawyer

Following a car accident, you will want to contact a car accident lawyer immediately for support throughout all legal and insurance actions. An accident lawyer can work with you through a lawsuit to advocate on your behalf and ensure you recover the damages you need to begin rebuilding your life. What’s more, an accident lawyer can also help you file a legitimate claim with your insurance company to ensure you get the coverage you need.

Sutliff & Stout Accident Law Firm have the best Houston accident lawyers available to assist you as you navigate both legal and insurance action following an accident. Their expert team will represent you to ensure you can get started with your recovery.

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