Hearing Loss

Warning Signs That You May Be Having Hearing Loss

The sooner that you are addressing a medical condition the better. Hearing loss is one of the three more common health problems in the United States, so you shouldn’t be taking your ears for granted for sure. The most frequent reasons for hearing loss are certain illnesses, age, genetics, and constant exposure to loud noise.

Have you noticed that you are having problems with your hearing? Don’t be afraid that the treatment is going to cost you lots of money since the best Medicare Supplement companies 2020 are giving you discounts and plenty of benefits. Here are some warning signs that you should schedule a hearing test and visit your doctor soon.

Instead Of Maintaining An Eye Contact You Are Staring At People’s Lips

Assuming that you are having troubles with your sense of hearing, the brain will automatically develop another sense to compensate for it. In this case that will be your eyesight.

If you can’t keep up with what’s everyone saying, you are going to try to read from their lips. If you have caught yourselves doing that a lot more lately, maybe it’s time for a checkup.

You Are Feeling Tired After Attending Social Events

Hearing Loss

This may be due to the fact that you have partially lost your hearing and you are putting more effort into listening to what people have to say. There are hearing aids that may relieve you from the stress of not feeling confident in your hearing abilities.

You Can’t Hear Children And Women Clearly

As we age our inner ear is the first one to fail. This makes it hard for us to hear the high-pitched sounds of children and women. If you find it hard to hear the beep of the microwave you are obviously having troubles with your hearing.

You Find It Hard To Hear People On The Telephone

Have you noticed that you are constantly pressing the volume up button on your phone when you are speaking even when it’s on the max? This is one of the signs that you may be losing your hearing that you shouldn’t ignore.

Your family, friends or neighbours are complaining that the volume on your TV is too loud This is definitely one of the signs that you need to examine your hearing and get a hearing aid if that’s necessary.

The Word “What” Is Becoming The Most Used Word In Your Vocabulary

This is clearly signaling that you need to schedule a hearing test. Saying “what” every once in a while is totally OK, but if you notice that you have started to use it really often, make an appointment at the doctor’s.


It’s normal to have hearing loss as you age, and remember that that doesn’t happen overnight. Pay close attention to the signs that I have mentioned above and if you notice a few of them happening to you go ahead and do a hearing test. It has never hurt anyone and it can just make things easier for you.

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