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Health Tips From Hollywood Celebrities As Seen On Their Instagram Accounts

Hollywood stars are known to be fitness freaks. They always have to go through some strict diet routines and heavy duty exercises on a daily basis, just to stay fit and healthy.

Their fit body and glamorous looks are what makes them so important and popular among their fans. So, getting some fitness tips from these Hollywood celebrities can even change the way you look at your life.

Following some of their tricks and tips that they share in their personal Instagram accounts will change your health for the betterment. So, without wasting any time, let’s move on with some celebrity health tricks and start applying them to yourself without any fail.

Hydrating Like Crazy Is The First Thumb Rule To Follow

There are so many Hollywood actresses like Gabrielle Union, who ensure to have good amount of water daily just to stay hydrated all the time. This actress, in particular, is known for her amazing glowing skin and youthful look, only because she knows how to stick to her hydration habit.

  • Union is known to drink down a gallon of water daily. She said that this water tremendously affects her nails, hair and skin.
  • She even claims to have guzzled down half a gallon right before noon and the other half by round 6 in the evening. She has been following this routine since her 30s and that helped her to change her life for the betterment. You can try to work on that as well.

If you have checked out Instagram profiles of other celebs, they still have good thing to say about keeping your body hydrated. They always get real comments on Instagram, which show how important their advices are. So, you can try following that and start staying hydrated.

Have To Eat Meals In A Mindful Manner

Health Tips From Hollywood Celebrities

Goldie Hawn is another amazing name to consider whenever you are dealing with Hollywood stars and she is still going strong even when she is in her 70s.

It is because of her great healthy habits. One important point in her list is eating food mindfully. This advice was mainly recommended to her by personal health coach.

It helped the actress to differentiate between actual hunger and emotional one. So, she doesn’t have to fall for binge eating that much.

Health Tip From Bethenny Frankel

Just like you are always trying to balance your savings and spending, it is time to balance the food choices that you make. This is the best tip you can get from Bethenny Frankel.

It is always important to not indulge into too much food at one time. Moreover, there is no need to eat the same thing twice.

  • It is better to balance out starch with potatoes, and vegetables.
  • You can balance out the sweets by changing it with fruits. This way you will have something sweet and healthy in your diet plan as well.
  • Similarly, while buying food items, you can always balance splurge with save. Try getting raw ingredients and cook at home instead of fast food junk or processed food.

Salad With Every Meal

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You cannot deny the importance of salad for sure and adding it to every meal will always be a great weight loss tip, if you ask Nicole Polizzi.

She always credits her postpartum weight loss to curbing down on carbohydrate use and amp that up with some fresh vegetable intake.

She once told the “People” magazine that she always ensures to add salad with every menu that she takes. It is a great way to feel healthy and filling, at the same time.

Always Keep A Note Of What You Eat

If you ask Carrie Underwood about her weight loss routine, she has one thing to say. Always note down what your body is taking in.

  • This long time food journalist uses MyFitnessPal for recording everything that she eats and you can start doing just the same.
  • Otherwise, it becomes hard for her brain to actually get a memo that she has eaten enough.
  • Keeping a food journal will help you to make some better choices and even pay attention to what you are eating. It is a good way to keep a track of your diet plan.

Comfort Food Should Also Be A Part Of Your Meal

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You are working too hard so your body sometimes need a break and cheat day. So, according to famous Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, you should not deny yourself comfort foods sometimes.

Even though she stays in her slim structure because of no-frills clean eating, but she does not deny conscious indulgences sometimes like pasta.

So, you can try to follow that point in your diet plan as well. Make sure that salad and vegetables are the main priority along with boiled chicken in your meal.

But after a long week of healthy eating, if you want to have a cup of ice cream on a weekend, you are most allowed to do so!

Complex Carbs Should Be Taken Early In The Day

If you ask Olympian gymnast, Aly Raisman, about a thing or two to fuel up the day, she will always head towards complex carbs. However, she recommends you to have those early in the day. During practice season, Raisman ensures to have carbs early in the day.

Her main components will be yogurt with granola or even whole wheat toast with a banana. These meals always help her to stay full and even fueled up for hours, which she need for an active day ahead.

Plan Your Chart Accordingly

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Every body type is different, so the needs are going to vary a lot as well. It is always recommended to understand your body type first before you take up any of these health tips from the Hollywood stars.

Make sure to go through all the possible tips and then follow only the ones that match your body style and structure the most. The food intake also deals with the amount of labor you need to give. So, keep that in mind as well.

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