Better Health With A Spoonful Of Mushroom

As technology evolves, medicinal knowledge prospers, and discoveries emerge left and right in the health and wellness sectors. Taking fish oil, grapeseed tabs, flax seeds, green tea is becoming a fad in hopes of longevity and good health.

Medicinal mushrooms have pharmacological potential because of their ancient attributes. Therefore, people are now embracing the health benefits of these medicinal herbs either as food or supplements.

What mushrooms comprise these mushroom supplements?

1. Chaga

The Chaga mushroom has a distinctive orange tissue that grows on birch trees. A study in Russia claims that Chaga Mushrooms can help treat HIV patients.


  • antiviral against smallpox 
  • support the immune system
  • protection against flu
  • can slow down the aging process
  • can lower the level of cholesterol
  • can prevent and fight cancer
  • can normalize blood pressure
  • can fight inflammation
  • can lower blood sugar
  • for prevention of drug side effects

2. Reishi

Reishi or Lingzhi are popular medicinal mushrooms in Chinese medicine dating back to 3000 BC. Japanese and Koreans also adapted its use until its widespread use in the west.


  • Reishi can activate natural killer (NK) cells in the body. It has F3 polysaccharides which induce antibodies against antigens that cause tumours or cancer.
  • It has anti-oxidative effects when used as a supplement.
  • Lingzhi is well known to prevent cancer and control its fatal effects. 
  • It also has therapeutic properties on insulin resistance patients.
  • Reishi mushrooms are focused on regulating the immune system. 

3. Turkey Tail

This type of mushroom contains antioxidants that can benefit health. It is called turkey tail, as the words connote, is similar to the look and colour of a turkey tail. 


  • It is full of potent compounds such as flavonoid or phenol for promoting a healthy immune system.
  • For cancer patients, this mushroom aids in improving the functions of a deteriorating immune system.
  • It reduces inflammation and helps in the release of protective compounds.

4. Shiitake

Shiitake is slimy but savoury-tasting shroom that is common on our table in a variety of dishes. You can find it familiar in East Asia because it is usually an ingredient in Chinese cuisine. This type of mushroom is right for overall health that East Asians and Russians have embraced for use as medicinal herbs.


  • boosts immune system
  • helps lower cholesterol
  • fights cancer
  • improves heart health
  • has antibacterial and antiviral effects
  • helps strengthen the bones

5. Lion’s Mane

The Lion’s mane or “ho tou gu” are large, white, and hairy mushrooms that resemble a lion’s hair as they grow, hence given the name. These mushrooms have both medicinal and culinary uses in the East. They can serve this raw or cooked as it tastes similar to a crab or lobster. Others appreciate its dried version for brewing tea.


  • for growth of brain cells
  • boosts mental health
  • regulates the immune system
  • prevention of memory loss (dementia)
  • relieves symptoms of depression minimizes anxiety
  • speeds up the recovery of the nervous system 
  • fights ulcers and digestive tract problems
  • reduces the risks of heart disease 
  • helps manage symptoms of diabetes
  • for cancer prevention 
  • reduces inflammation 
  • decreases oxidative stress

6. Cordyceps

This mushroom comes from parasitic fungi that grow on the larvae of some insects. When these fungi prey on their host, they replace its tissue in the form of long, slender mushroom stems growing outside the host’s body. They collect the remains of both for drying. The use of this is the usual practice in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a cure for people suffering from fatigue, stress, and kidney disease. Consequently, it perks up your sex drive.


  • has anti-aging properties
  • boosts exercise performance
  • prevents tumour and cancer
  • helps manage diabetes
  • effective for heart health
  • helps fight inflammation

There is no doubt that mushroom is a superfood, this is why health specialists are encouraging the consumption of these six magic mushrooms. In case you find it annoying to eat its earthly taste, you may resort to taking mushroom supplements that are available in the shelves.

It is best to order online direct from its website to assure you that you get the authentic product. Make it a habit to adapt these supplements in your diet, for it has now become the fastest growing trend in natural health, fitness, and wellness today.

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