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4 Healthcare Administration Jobs To Consider For A Career Change

The reasons for pursuing a career in healthcare administration are plentiful. Healthcare administrators are currently in demand and can pursue a variety of different career paths, from working directly with people to focusing on numbers and data.

According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of the healthcare industry’s jobs fall into the top 10 of the fastest-growing jobs in the country.

With great job prospects and competitive earning potential, those seeking a career change should make healthcare administration a top consideration in their job-seeking efforts.

But where should job seekers start and what positions are high in demand? Here are four healthcare administration jobs worth considering for a career change:

Medical Coding And Billing

A medical coder uses a system of universal codes required by insurance companies to process insurance claims.

From diagnosis and treatment to a list of supplies that were used, medical coders translate this important information into codes.

Furthermore, the coder’s ability to translate a patient’s medical file must be precise and without error.

Growth expectations in this field are expected to increase by more than 10 percent through 2028, with pay rates steadily increasing based on where you work.

Additionally, medical coders are often trained in medical billing and have completed medical billing and coding classes to earn a certification.

Educational programs in medical billing and coding are usually short-term time investments, but they pay big dividends in the form of job security after completion.

Medical Records And Health Information Technician

Medical record or health information technicians organize patient records, test results, medical histories, and treatments.

They are responsible for maintaining secure and accurate patient information that is further communicated to healthcare professionals, patients, and insurance companies.

Educational requirements for this position can be satisfied through courses offered in medical billing and coding.

With many of these jobs found using jobshost sites in hospitals and clinics, pursuing a career as a medical records and health information technician promises ongoing stability.

Medical Billing Specialist

Although a medical billing specialist is a separate and unique job in its own right, often this role requires medical coding experience or training.

A billing specialist administers the billing process for insurance companies or medical facilities. They also update patient information, generate invoices, and process payments, among other important duties.

Training and certification requirements for this position can be easily achieved in medical billing and coding online classes.

And with this job expected to grow up to 15 percent through 2028, those seeking a new career option may find this path appealing and lucrative.

Medical Insurance Claims Specialist

An insurance claims specialist processes and analyzes insurance claims and reviews insurance coverage. They may also negotiate claim settlements and act as an internal auditor protecting the insurance company against fraudulent claims.

The role requires strong analytical and critical-thinking skills necessary for authorizing claim payments and investigating suspicious claims.

Educational requirements for this career often include a four-year degree. However, some positions in this field accept and recognize medical billing and coding training from institutions of higher learning.

This position is expected to grow more than 10 percent through 2028, making it another option worth considering.

Move Forward In To Your New Career

Healthcare administration jobs show no signs of slowing down over the next decade. With the promise of job security and rapid growth, this is a good time to consider a move into this growing field.

Consider enrolling in a healthcare administration program at a reputable institution of higher learning and then pursue these or other career paths.

In the end, you’ll be glad you prepared yourself for a transition into an exciting and rewarding career!

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