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Healthcare Mobile App Development Trends In 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our ordinary life and made us realize the importance of technological progress. Due to long isolation periods and severe restrictions, people opted for using mobile apps.

It should be mentioned that nowadays there are a lot of different mobile applications that can help their users cope with all possible problems. Just think of food delivery, healthcare, banking, car sharing and many other apps. They have made our life much easier and comfortable.

It is obvious that Covid-19 pandemic has also shown an urgent need in developing digital healthcare services. Since we are already approaching New Year, it is possible to predict new trends of 2022 and pay the developers’ attention to them.

1. Superb-Apps

Since life in the 21st century is extremely fast and challenging, the technologies around us need to adjust to such a tempo. The development of multi-tasking applications is a new trend which grows in popularity. If previously each mobile app was to serve a particular purpose, now you can download one tool and enjoy a range of benefits. It is a popular strategy even for the healthcare sector. There are a lot of separate tools for healthy diet, lifestyle, nutrition, tracking your activity, and some vitals.

The next year is supposed to bring us some mobile applications which will be capable of doing all these tasks within one platform. Such a trend is highly valued by Internet users, because it saves their time, energy and even phone memory. After all, why should a person keen both in mind and in phone 20 different apps instead of downloading just one? Well, obviously there are no reasons in favor of doing it.

Using some most popular American and Asian mobile apps we will show you some brilliant examples of multitasking online tools:

  • Gojek – it is a superb app created in Indonesia. Thanks to it, clients can order transport, food, some daily services and even pay for them.
  • WeChat – this application combines the functions of mobile payments, messenger communication, and gives access to social networks. 3. Natural.AI – this American app enables clients to order food, pay bills and make purchases.
  • Alipay – it is another example of a superb application built by Alibaba. Its customers are capable of paying for a range of services like mobile and banking ones. People can do transactions via banking card, their accounts, and even QR code scannings.

The number of super-apps is expected to grow significantly worldwide in 2022. Some Russian and American companies are already focused on the development process. Mass development of such multi-tasking apps will be a real breakthrough.

2. AI Technologies

As you know, artificial intelligence has already occupied some spheres of people’s lives. Let’s take into account security systems, household appliances, voice search systems, data search, etc. Nowadays even a “smart home” can’t surprise our sophisticated minds. But these technologies are also based on artificial intelligence.
AI is believed to be a promising direction in building computer and mobile programs for the production of equipment. The era of robotization has already started! By using your voice you are capable of launching programs, managing and setting functionality without even touching the appliance.

Voice assistance emerged in 2016 and since then developed and modified significantly. Just think of Apple Siri, Google Now, etc. Let’s face the truth, nowadays these voice tools can cope only with simple tasks. However, 2022 is expected to bring us some powerful programs, created with the help of artificial intelligence. The new generation of voice assistants will be able to differentiate between political, social, and economic issues in a particular country or even city.

Moreover, these new tools will give advice on investments, entertainment, educational facilities, courses and even the specialist you should address to. In terms of the healthcare industry AI will help deeply analyze some vitals like blood pressure, heartbeat, etc. Another great option is the ability to call for a doctor with the help of your voice. In some cases physical calls may be impossible.

The main advantages of 2022 voice assistants:

  1. Personalization – new appliances are expected to focus on the individual needs of an individual. They will be capable of identifying who is talking to the gadget, personal information, identity of the person, social status, etc.
  2. Emotions tracking – thanks to artificial intelligence, voice assistants will read the mood and emotional state of a person based on voice and speech patterns. It will allow appliances to recognize the intentions of a person and perform tasks better.
  3. Minimize time and ef ort – the number of steps you should go through before getting needed information will be reduced. Consequently, you will save your time and energy.

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3. Video-Link Programs

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic video conferences and chats became an essential tool for communicating, getting education and even receiving some consultations. Video-link went far beyond the family circles and united colleagues, clients and company’s personnel.

Such tendencies made experts think about the quality of the video services we have today. That is why 2022 will present us with modernized and sophisticated online technologies. It is of pivotal importance, since people tried to work remotely and the vast majority of them liked it and decided to switch to working from home. Video-links technologies have entered our lives and won’t leave it anymore. Even video calls now are an integral part of our life. Healthcare app development company aims at building such video technologies so that people can get medical examinations remotely. It can save the lives of some people and give them first medical help.

Such an approach will also reduce some clinical visits to the hospitals. When a person has some illness which can be treated easily from home and without check-ups, it is better for this patient not to go to the healthcare centers and avoid queuing. Consequently, people with serious problems will get medical help faster.

4. Making Use Of 3D Graphics

3D graphic elements aren’t new for us. They have been used in a number of design fields. However, 2022 is expected to make 3D design not just a decorative thing, but also a functional one. Complex graphics will soon be available on smartphones and tablets.

Firstly, the more appealing picture we have, the more people will pay attention to our product. Secondly, high-quality graphics can enhance its effectiveness. Judging from the healthcare services side, we can entirely benefit from some body models with precise organ illustrations. Such functions may be useful for healthcare workers, students and just patients.

5. Virtual Reality

Nowadays we can hear about virtual or augmented reality only in terms of the gaming world and science. However, in the healthcare sector it is also widely used. Moreover, the functional scope of VR will be enlarged in the next year. Furthermore, visual reality tools help us understand how the sophisticated mechanisms work, how the budget is spent, and what is going on with the human body under the influence of different irritators or illnesses. Another essential bonus is that visual representations explain to us some complex processes which can be assessed with the help of the wearables.

As you can see, the variety of augmented reality functionalities is a large one. The best provement of this tendency is the fact that Apple has already invested a great deal of money into VR developments.

Colourful and interesting visual effects can influence our mind and decisions. However, the real purpose of such things is to transfer some pivotal data flows. If you know some effective approaches you can make people read even dull and boring information. People subconsciously react to a number of factors including colours, sounds, print, etc. Consequently, with the help of such tools app developers can make use of emotional responses and imagination people have.

6. Counteracting Disinformation

The 21 st century mass media are characterised by big flows of fake and even manipulating news. They emerge every single day and make it difficult to distinguish real life from foolish tales. Unfortunately, disinformators are capable of using some powerful manipulative tools to make people believe false statements. Why is it so widely used? Just to take control of the world’s population and make use of it.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of people are aware of such a tendency, they do not have time to analyze and verify all the data they get. That is why there are a lot of mobile apps and social networks developers, who focus on solving this issue. They try to build special algorithms that will divide real facts from fake ones.

Since we are living in a globalised world some controversial and fake news can spread panic. It is bitterly dangerous, because a lot of people are already living with the fear of catching Covid-19 or suffering from war.

Consequently, in 2021 there was a lot of fake news concerning vaccination and coronavirus itself. In 2022 healthcare apps will be devoted to the popularization of bare facts, experiments and research. Otherwise, some people will turn out to be hypnotised with disinformation. When it comes to healthcare, such things can really cost lives.

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7. Work Optimization

Another popular trend is concerned with cross-platform software products. The developers try to build apps which will be available for use on Android, iOS, computers, ets. Moreover, Apple experts have presented a chip, which will allow users to launch the same apps on both Apple smartphones and notebooks. As you know, when there is a need, there will be a proposition.

Thanks to such an approach a company can engage a larger audience of clients and benefit from it.

8. Security Issues

The vast majority of projects collect particular information about their clients. In most cases it is done to improve the provided services and use targeted ads. However, not all people are comfortable with this fact. They may feel insecure and be afraid of private information leakage. Because of it some clients avoid using mobile applications.

In 2022 developers will try to provide their clients with data security. Apple has already presented a new procedure of login and generation of an email address. Thanks to it people simply won’t receive spam letters and the ones they are not interested in.

Healthcare apps also contain a lot of private data like age, address, clinical history, vitals estimates and your physical activity. If a person suffers from some chronic or serious illness it is easy to harm him or her by knowing such information. That is why 2022 is expected to make healthcare tools more secure and reliable.

9. Aesthetics

We shouldn’t forget that design is something that attracts our attention! That is why the next year will be devoted to the creation of new, eye-catching styles and tools. Nowadays apps tend to be minimalistic, but informative. It may seem simple, however designers spend a lot of time on creating appealing visual pictures. They apply to 3D animations, calm colors and other aesthetic elements.

Drawing Conclusions

As we can see, the next year must bring us a lot of new and sophisticated technological wonders. These changes will also influence the online healthcare market and make it more suitable and comfortable for the users. Let’s face the truth, the modern world is changing so fast that we can’t predict exactly what is waiting for us in the next year. All we can and should do is just to be ready to accept these new trends and be able to make use of them!

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