Hendrickson Suspension System

Hendrickson Suspension Systems For Trucks

Truck suspension systems create a balance between the movement of your truck’s wheels and frame. Suspension systems protect your vehicle by absorbing shocks, bumps, vibrations and optimising movement on uneven terrain. Truck suspension systems also improve the stability, handling, traction and ride quality of your truck.

A truck’s suspension system consists of several components. These are the shock absorbers, linkages, springs, spring leaves and tyres. Hendrickson is a leading supplier of truck suspension systems. The company also provides aftermarket parts for European trucks all over the world. This article focuses on Hendrickson’s solutions for modern trucks in Australia. Read on if you would like to know more about Hendrickson suspension systems for trucks.

History of Hendrickson

Magnus Hendrickson founded the Hendrickson Motor Truck Company in 1913. As an entrepreneurial inventor, Magnus set up this manufacturing company in Chicago. The company built trucks equipped with cranes to haul building materials. Hendrickson developed the first tandem truck suspension with a walking beam design in 1926.

The Boler Company acquired Hendrickson in 1978. Hendrickson then sold its truck manufacturing operation to concentrate on suspension systems. Today Hendrickson is one of the leading suppliers of heavy-duty truck suspensions in the world.

Hendrickson Suspension Solutions

With more than 100 years of experience developing suspension systems, Hendrickson’s solutions shape the industry. Below are two popular suspension systems that Hendrickson deploys for trucks today.

Hendrickson OPTIMAAX®

The Hendrickson OPTIMAAX is a suspension system with a liftable forward tandem axle for 6X2 truck configurations. OPTIMAAX enables truck operators to save fuel, improve handling and increase the lifespan of tyres. Some three specific features and benefits of OTPIMAAX

Control Automation:

OPTIMAAX senses the load capacities and automates the lifting and lowering of axles. This automation solution improves performance by eliminating driver intervention.

Optimal Traction and handling

With the drive axle behind the fifth wheel of your truck, OPTIMAAX improves traction and handling. It also improves tractor traction in soft soil or wet conditions.

Lower Operational Costs:

OPTIMAAX axle configuration improves your truck’s fuel economy by more than 3%. It also reduces tyre wear and maintenance costs through automatic axle lifting.

Hendrickson’s OPTIMAAX suspension solution is ideal for the following applications:

  • Bulk hauliers
  • Grocery distributors
  • Livestock
  • Beverage supplier
  • Other diminishing load carriers

Hendrickson HAULMAAX®

The Hendrickson HAULMAAX EX is a next-generation heavy-duty rubber suspension system. It features a unique design ideal for enhanced stability in varied load and road conditions. Below are some unique features and benefits of HAULMAAX EX.

Improved Stability

HAULMAAX features progressive load springs that offer unmatched stability for loaded and empty-ride applications. It also employs solid rubber bolster and auxiliary springs to optimise stability. The HAULMAXX can achieve wheel articulation of up to 17 inches to enhance stability in uneven terrain and off-road applications.

Low Maintenance

The HAULMAXX design features wide spring centres that eliminate the need for centre bushings. As such, it reduces wheel hop and maintenance requirements. Fewer vibrations reduce the rate of wear and increase the lifespan of your truck’s components.

Lightweight Design

HAULMAXX lightweight design sets it apart from competitive suspensions. As such, HAULMAXX suspensions are easier to transport and install. The weight savings also contribute to improving your truck’s fuel consumption.

The HAULMAXX EX suspension is ideal for the following applications

  • Refuse and Garbage trucks
  • Concrete mixers
  • Empty backhaul applications

To sum up, Hendrickson’s innovative attitude has kept the company ahead of its competitors for more than a century. The company consistently invests in research and professional development. Today Hendrickson offers training courses to improve the skills of your technicians and aftermarket dealers.

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