Using Emoji

Using Emojis: How And When To Use Emojis

If you’ve been online at all in the last ten years, you’ve likely seen colorful emoji smiley faces popping up everywhere. Over 95% of internet users have been using emojis!

Emojis are a great way to emphasize your messages and statuses. They add charm and whimsy to your sentences. If you’re wondering how exactly to use an emoji, read on to find out!

What Are Emojis?

Using Emoji

Emojis as we know them – the small yellow smiley faces and other objects – started getting popular around 2011. They’re similar to emoticons, which are type approximations of human expressions— eg., :), :(, and :O.

However, emojis are a more sophisticated form of smiley. They’re small graphic images with multiple colors and shades. Nowadays, almost every smartphone is equipped with a full emoji keyboard!

Emojis as we know them were created in 1999 by Shigekata Kurita. His 176 graphics were used on a mobile messaging platform and were popularized by programs like AOL instant messaging. These characters were later adapted for the iPhone, and the modern emoji craze began.

Different Types of Emojis

There are hundreds of emojis out there! Some are specific to certain phones and operating systems. Others are only available on certain social media platforms.

The basic types of emojis are faces, animals, and things. It’s pretty broad because emojis range from a frowning face to a jack-o-lantern to zodiac signs!

When looking through your emoji keyboard, flip through all the different categories to see what your device offers. Some devices even suggest emojis as you type, making the emoji hunt even easier.

How to Use Emojis

First of all, find the emoji keyboard on your phone, tablet, or other devices. Some emoji keyboards have a search bar, while others make you scroll through all your options. To add an emoji to your message, simply tap the one you want!

Use emojis to emphasize a feeling or punctuate your sentences. If you’re talking about an upcoming celebration, use a confetti emoji or two at the end of your sentence. Or if you’re posting a heartfelt Facebook status, use the heart or hug emojis.

You can even spice up simple messages by using an emoji. Or, if your device supports gifs, you can add animated stickers!

Using Emojis in Advertising

Emojis can be great when marketing or advertising. They add visual interest and make your campaigns more fun. But use them sparingly.

It may be tempting to appeal to younger generations by liberally adding heart-eyes emojis. But emojis can come off as insincere at times. Make sure your emojis support your marketing, not the other way around.

Now You Know All About Emojis!

We hope this answered all your questions about using emojis in everyday messaging and advertising! They’re a fun way to show everyone how you really feel. After all, a pictogram is worth a thousand words, right?

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