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How Does Your Mattress Affect Your Sleep And Health?

In ancient times, people used raised beds to protect themselves from insects and snakes. However, every generation tried to improve the quality of the mattress. The beds in ancient Greece were better. Comfort inspired their designs.They knew sleeping places have an aesthetic value.

Today, any mattress design must factor in comfort, sleep quality, and health of the user. Many people still do not understand the value of mattresses in their lives. They take their time before buying a mattress.

We spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping; therefore, you need to understand how mattresses affect your sleep and health.


1. Quality Of Sleep

Quality of Sleep

No one wants to be interrupted when asleep. Quality sleep is sleeping peacefully, perhaps, for six to seven hours nonstop. If you have a quality and comfortable mattress, you are likely to sleep better and longer.

But, imagine having a worn out or a mattress full of lumps because of aging. You will wake up multiple times in the night maybe to change your sleeping positions or move the bed mattress. It is frustrating. The outcome in the morning is waking up still feeling sleepy and not ready to face the day.

The need for quality sleep is one reason most people invest in a quality mattress. However, a mattress is one of those things that we do not buy often, so before buying a new one, you should look for some aspects like comfort, the technology used and last but not the least is the warranty. Such as the SleepDelivered Nectar Mattress which offers a forever warranty! yes, you read it right, however; it sounds unbelievable for a budget-priced mattress. This could be the perfect option for you if you are looking for a high-quality foam mattress. A quality mattress will enhance not only your sleep but also your moods.

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2. Insomnia

The first question your physician is likely to ask when you have sleeping problems or insomnia is about your sleeping place.

Insomnia is the difficulty to sleep or stay asleep for long. Common causes include stress, work schedule, poor sleeping habits, poor eating habits, and mental disorders.

The effects of Insomnia can increase or decrease depending on your sleeping area. The bedroom should be organized and used for two purposes only: Sleep and Sex.

When you have Insomnia, doctors will recommend that you make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. It is not possible to have a lovely bedroom without a comfortable mattress.


3. Stress And Anxiety


Psychologists relate a lot of mental illnesses to sleep inadequacy. Lack of sleep for consecutive days results in anxiety, stress, and possibly depression.

One leading cause of stress and anxiety is a bad mattress. The moment going to bed after a long and tiresome day becomes unattractive, is the moment you must think of changing your bed set.

Continuously using a bad mattress can cause irritation, worry, and poor productivity during the day.


4. Happiness And Relationships

The bedroom is the favorite place for most people to relax and unwind. Cozy and perfect moments in the sleeping room are only possible if the mattress is excellent.

A right mattress helps boost your mood and happiness levels. If you sleep well, you wake up happy, freshened up, and ready to face what the day offers. You also are more alert after a great night.

With a good mattress, there is no reason you cannot enjoy a great night with your other half. Who doesn’t want to be happy in a relationship?


5. Body Pains And Backaches

Back Pain

A right mattress supports the whole body and aligns the spinal cord in a neutral position. Poor sleeping positions and bad mattresses are the primary cause of backaches. For example, imagine if your bed is wooden, and the mattress is worn out. The pressure exerted on the body, and the ribs automatically lead to body pains.

It is also impossible to sleep in a lousy bed when under physical injury or other body pains. A right mattress enhances sleep when you are under strain.

Ideal mattresses to use for pain alleviation are moderately firm and sufficiently thick.


6. Allergies

Sometimes you can itch or sneeze when in your bedroom. Dust mites and bedbugs like to breed in mattresses that in poor condition and with crevices.

Dust mite feces are the main causal factors of allergic reactions. Bedbugs bite a lot and destruct sleep.


Final Thought

Mattresses affect your health and sleep; thus it is recommended to replace them after six years because they tear after six to nine years. But, it depends on quality. Better mattresses last longer and provide better sleeping benefits than cheap ones.

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