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How Lighting Up A Candle Can Enhance Your Mood And Home

For decades, candles have been used in special ceremonies to bring a serene sanctuary. Whether having the night off to clear some steam or setting a romantic candlelit for dinner, candles boost peaceful ambiance and at the same time provide fresh aroma in the room.

If you think you are experiencing sadness, worrying a lot, or just only having a bad day, lighting up a candle can relax your mind and make you feel better by not having to focus on every detail of the problem you are going through right now.

Here are some reminders when lighting up romantic/refreshing candles from time to time.

The Proper Way To Set Up A Candle To Ensure Safety.

  1. Choose for proper wick size. If you bought a candle and its wick is a bit long, trim the edges of the wick to ¼ inch before lighting it up. This way, you ensure that the candle burns down evenly with the wax. Also, be sure to ask away or check if the product claims to be lead-free. Lead wicks are not safe for health. There are different guidelines on how to look for one.
  2. Find a proper container. Candle holders are just as important as ashtrays. They ensure fire protocols and prevent spilling of hot wax on surfaces. Candles have different sizes and require different types of holders, but no matter which candle you choose, always go for the natural crystal candle holder. It’s more appealing in any home and said to release negative ions, which freshens the air you breathe and calms down tensions.
  3. Burn candles in a room with proper ventilation. Avoid lighting up candles on the direct wind but keep a window open. Extinguish candles after an hour of burning. And allow them to stay for a while to cool after relighting.

What Are The Best-Known Benefits Of Burning Candles At Home?

1. Calms The Mind

A scent has the power to improve productivity. Aromas coming from mint, lemon, orange, rosemary, and cinnamon can stimulate your mind and senses. Burning candles with the same flavours above can give you that extra boost to keep your focus intact and hands off the phone.

2. Candles As Interior Design To Light Up The Beauty Of Any Home

Candles decorate personal space by their scent. Hanging candles might be dangerous, but there are individual holders made for this scenario. It gives you a useful function of light and has its artistic atmosphere.

On the other hand, to be a bit intimate, go for romantic candles but be sure to partner it with a natural crystal candle holder for more thoughtfulness. These candle holders are best placed on the top of your cabinets for a serene feel when not in the mood for bright unnatural lighting.

Also, for more artistry and added visual effects, place the candle in front of a mirror to reflect light.

3. Bring A Positive Vibe In Any Atmosphere.

Burning up scented candles triggers memories and emotions of feeling glad. Lighting up candles are particularly useful for someone who’s feeling a little blue and wants to remember the better days.

A behavioral study supported by Psychology Today shows that smells are more likely to spark vivid emotional recollections and can instantly improve your mood when you’re feeling down.

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