How To Create Instagram Videos That Will Capture The Attention Of Your Target Customers

How To Create Instagram Videos That Will Capture The Attention Of Your Target Customers?

Captivating Instagram Videos go a long way to boost the engagement of the target audience with a brand.

As such, experts consider such resources as the most crucial part of the Instagram Marketing Strategies.

The length of these videos can be anywhere between 3 and 60 seconds, and you can directly upload these videos from your phone, or can be done with files transferred to the phone from any other sources.

This fetches the maximum flexibility about the use of the content for making your Instagram advertisement all the more fruitful.

This task in this regard can be streamlined once you will adopt Video Maker tools. With these tools, you can create the most engaging Instagram Video, within the minimum time, and put the least effort.

Why Should You Prioritize Video Content Over Other Marketing Resources?

How To Create Instagram Videos That Will Capture The Attention Of Your Target Customers

The obvious question on this length of the content is why Video content should be preferred over any other marketing resources.

Research suggests that video content gets 75% better attention from the target audience, and has 65% more chance to retain the viewers on a video until the end.

Today, brands, irrespective of the type of products and/or services that they deal with, or the customer segment that they serve, they prefer to use.

Video content helps to promote brands in the digital domain. As such, being an exception in this regard, you are actually breaking away from the prevailing trend.

This is something that you can’t afford to allow if you have to retain the relevance of your business and keep it competitive.

The right approach in this regard will enable you to enjoy an edge over your competitors, expanding your service market, reaching out to the widest base of customers from all around the globe, within the minimum time.

How To Create The Most Captivating Videos For Instagram Marketing?

Once the importance of Video content has been discussed, you will wonder how to create the most captivating and engaging videos for Instagram Marketing and promotions. Here come the key points that will be relevant to account in this regard:

1. Be Specific With The Goals That You Set

You will inevitably find it a difficult task to accomplish if you have to narrate all stories about a brand or a business within a minute.

Hence, you must start creating Instagram Videos, only after you have identified the key points that need to be highlighted the most.

You should be very specific about the goal that you achieve and what message you like to communicate with the target customers.

The content of the video will be majorly determined by the goals that you aspire to reach. However, you need to ensure that you have set a practical and realistic goal that can be achieved with time.

Most importantly, the tone and spirit of the video will be decided by the end goal that you set for yourself. This way, you can identify the key points that inevitably need to be included in the video.

2. Focus On Narrating A Story That Your Target Customers Will Find Relevant And Interesting

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If you have to make your videos on Instagram captivating and engaging, there is no other alternative than to focus on narrating a story.

The story should come relevant to the taste and choices of your target audience, and they must find the information offering value for them.

Research suggests, Videos that focus on telling some interesting stories, always produce a fascinating outcome, in terms of consolidating the engagement with the target audience. As such, always walk along this line to get the most delightful results.

3. Shoot Your Videos At The Right Lighting Conditions

Even if you don’t need a complete professional lighting setup for shooting your videos on Instagram, still using the appropriate lighting condition is immensely important.

This simple yet effective trick to enhance the quality of your video. Also, this gives it a more realistic appearance of your video that will indeed consolidate the best engagement with your target customers.

You should always opt for the portrait style that prevents chances of shaking of the frame, and thus, giving an unprofessional appearance in the video.

Most importantly, it would help if you prefer natural lighting conditions. Even if you are shooting indoors, or you require shooting on a rainy day, this trick will still hold relevance. For sure, this simple trick will go a long way to boost the quality of your video.

Keep in mind that you should always refrain from shooting under overhead lighting conditions. It is for the reason that, shooting under such a situation, you end up giving some unattractive and unappealing impact on your video.

If you find the lighting condition is not suitable for shooting the video, be creative to make some adjustments so that you can retain the quality of your video.

4. The Right Approach In Shooting Videos


You should always shoot a video in the landscape or portrait mode: Instagram has shifted from the practice of cropping video to produce the best frame.

Irrespective of the direction chosen for the orientation, the video will fit-in automatically into the frame. As such, you should either opt for landscape or portrait mode while shooting the video.

The shot must focus on the key object to ensure that you are shooting the best quality video; you need to ensure that the shot focuses on the critical object on the frame.

Retain the steadiness of the shot: you must keep the shot steady. As a trick in this regard, you should either crouch down or hold your elbow on a flat surface, when you shoot your video.

You can certainly escape the hassles and hardships in creating the best videos, adopting the Instagram video editor. With such a tool handy, you can streamline the process, making the best marketing videos, and putting the minimum effort and time.

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