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How To Find Apartments With Rent Specials?

During the summer season, people usually start looking for newark apartments for rent. It is true even during the pandemic. A number of people are planning to move or doing that right now throughout the country.

To deal with the issues that apartment owners faced during the covid-19 pandemic, most of them are trying their best to find the best ways. As part of that, many apartment owners are setting up special offers such as rent specials on their property.

It is true even in the case of lavish and expensive condos. Now is the high time to start hunting for your destinated apartment houses.

In case you are not clear about move-in specials, those are a way for the landlords to increase the demands on their apartments and attract many tenants.

While you may feel like rent specials are rare and good offers to find, they can actually be founded more during the times when demands on apartments lower a lot. And you know what? Now is that time with the quarantine going on.

While apartment rent specials may vary from location and number of units, there are many types of those specials you can find. Here are a few of them.

Decreased Application Fees

Normally, application fees can be between $50-$75, but they can also stack up as you apply for more than one apartment to stay on the peak of the hunt.

It is one of the most common types of rent special you can encounter. But they are not some grand deals. Better alternatives can be found easily. To get the best apartment, you need to be well aware of application fees and the processes to apply.

Reduced Security Deposit

This one is rare, but waived security deposits can be found. Security deposits cost a lot from your budget and savings while looking for a suitable apartment.

Commonly, you can find the one-month deposits more. But for the lavish complexes or expensive rental markets, it can go up to three-month rental deposits! To make it easier for you, there are half-off security deposit offers or other such discounts.

Free During The First Month

You can find apartment owners that can give you a discount on your rental price. For this, it is advised to be always ready to go for an apartment with move-in specials that includes rental discounts ranging from 4 weeks to two months.

Based on the location, the discount could be even better. But be careful not to rent an expensive apartment with a rent-special, only to face problems while paying after the discount ends.


Moving to a new place is pretty hard and time-consuming. But with the right time and move-in special, you can successfully save a big amount of your money. Try to find the ideal discounts depending on your situation and go for it.

This way, you can have the chance to move into your dream apartment without facing many issues. You can also use many types of apartment locators for Nashville that will guide you.

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