Improve Your Gmail Efficiency

8 Great Tips To Improve Your Gmail Efficiency

Improve Your Gmail Efficiency

Gmail continues to be the most popular email platform, with over 1.8 billion users, and the number grows every year. For the most part, people use the platform for their email needs without realizing that Gmail has more to offer.

This article will give you some ideas on how to master your email box and spend less time doing more. Here are some neat tips to help you.

1. Edit Contacts

Having a list of contacts directly in the email saves time. You do not have to type in the recipient’s address every time you want to send an email. Instead, there is a feature to pick a contact from the list. It is similar to how you use a phone when you want to call or text someone.

Visit and click on the “Create contact” tab. Enter the information of a person and save it. As for how to edit contacts in gmail, use the name URL and instead of adding a new contact, select the one you want to edit and make the necessary changes before saving the information.

Perhaps someone in your contact list has changed their location or uses a different phone number now. Not having the most recent information can be problematic as you will struggle to get in touch with the person who may be important to you.

2. Use Smart Compose

Suggestions when typing is a good way to boost one’s efficiency, particularly if you are stuck writing a long email. You should be aware of a similar feature in smartphones when the AI guesses what you are trying to say and provides a list of word suggestions.

If you want Gmail to finish your sentences, enable the Smart Compose feature in the general settings. It may take a while to get used to a change, and artificial intelligence still needs some improvements, but you may be pleasantly surprised by what it does right now.

3. Schedule Emails

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Perhaps you have the outline for an important business email in your head right now, but the time to send it is too early? Or maybe you are going away for a few days and will not have an internet connection?

You can schedule emails in advance and give yourself peace of mind. After you compose an email, do not click the “Send” button. Instead, select the down arrow at the bottom left corner. Click on the “Schedule send” pop-up and pick the time you want Gmail to send the email.

4. Memorize Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are nice to know, even if they take a while to memorize. Whether you want to delete spam to create free up the inbox, compose new emails, reply, or archive a message, there should be a keyboard shortcut for it.

5. Take Advantage Of Personal Assistant

A personal assistant may be a bit of a stretch, but Gmail provides a way to manage your booking, flights, and dinner reservations thanks to its Payments and Subscriptions tab.

If you have received an email with a ticket or scheduled an important event you cannot miss, go to Google Accounts and click on Payments and Subscriptions. Your reservations and purchases will be available in a single location.

It is also worth mentioning that the feature keeps the history of past purchases and reservations, making it easier to keep tabs on your spending.

6. Register And Use Multiple Accounts


It is no secret that people have multiple email accounts. One profile is for work, while the other is for entertainment, communication with friends, or other personal needs.

Having a separate work email makes it easier to avoid unnecessary spam and focus on work instead of reading unrelated messages that are too distracting. However, it is too bothersome when you need to enter a password each time you want to switch between accounts.

Thankfully, the Gmail developer team has implemented a feature to change to another profile without logging out. Click on your account avatar and select “Add another account,” which is at the bottom of the tab. Once you add another account, you can switch back and forth without needing to log out or enter passwords each time.

7. Favorite Emails

Favoriting the most important emails is a good piece of advice. You should not have issues finding an email with the search feature, but what if you cannot remember any of the relevant keywords? Just click on the start next to an email and favorite it. You will then find favorited emails in the Favorites tab.

8. Enable And Disable Notifications

Gmail has notifications as well. You can enable and disable them depending on the situation. Some people have too many pop-ups on their computer or smartphone already and find it difficult to concentrate on work.

On the other hand, there are instances when you are expecting an important email and want to receive a notification as soon as it arrives. The Gmail notifications tab is available in general settings.

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