Improve Your Overall Health

Why Investing In Incontinence Products Will Improve Your Overall Health

Improve Your Overall Health

Incontinence (both stress and urge incontinence) affects as many as over 75% of women over 50 in some studies and usually becomes more prevalent over age 50. Men don’t have quite as much of a chance of developing incontinence in some form over time, but some certainly do.

The immediate urge to urinate, and the inability to hold it in time to make the bathroom is a phenomenon that many women have already started experiencing by age 35, and it affects them mentally and eventually physically, as well as financially.

Improved Mental Health

Dealing with urinary incontinence can take a real toll on the mental health of those who suffer from it. Whether over time, as it gets worse and worse — like many women suffer, or suddenly after a surgical procedure — like many men experience, it takes getting used to. The social implications weigh heavily on those who have incontinence, and their self-esteem often takes a severe blow when it becomes a permanent part of life.

Finding incontinence products that work well is a game-changer for a lot of people who have become introverted and depressed after becoming incontinent. As better and better products have appeared on the market, they wick fluids away from the skin, allowing you to feel clean and dry as you get through your day. Feeling normal and being able to have a normal life is huge to anyone who feels saddled down in life by a problem like incontinence.

You’ll Get Out And Move More

When people develop urinary incontinence, they tend to become sheepish about taking long trips or straying too far away from home. The idea of playing sports or doing very active things is complicated by the need to stay dry and avoid having an embarrassing accident due to incontinence.

As you discover that there are products out there to allow for a very active life, you’ll be able to get out there and live the life that you had prior to being saddled with incontinence. There’s really no reason to change your schedule because of what is a pretty simple issue to deal with; the right products will make every person’s day go by normally, no matter how active that day is.

By keeping a normal level of activity, you can go to the gym, swim, play sports, and do all kinds of things to stay healthy and active. There is absolutely no reason to sink into a sedentary lifestyle from the fear of leaving the safety of your house.

Improved Skin Care

Skin breakdown can result from incontinence, especially if the incontinence is severe. The design of modern incontinence products keeps the skin dry, clean, and safe from breakdown which can lead to rashes, ulcers, or even full-thickness skin breakdown under the worst circumstances.

Along with absorbent pads and garments, there are plenty of cleansers and lotions available to those who specifically deal with urinary incontinence. Keeping skin intact and smelling nice is very important to most women and men, and it is not hard to achieve with the right products.

Drink A Healthy Amount Of Water Every Day

Lots of people with incontinence will drastically reduce their intake of liquids every day, and especially on days that they need to be more active, to reduce the need to urinate. This isn’t a healthy practice, especially if you already have urinary issues, and can lead to concentrated, strong-smelling urine and possibly even urinary tract infections.

Drinking a normal amount of water every day is important and keeps your kidneys healthy (among lots of other things). There is no reason to restrict liquids when you have the right care for incontinence.

There are lots of very good reasons to find the right incontinence products to keep you active and healthy, no matter how severe your problem is. It’s incredibly important to your whole lifestyle to find products that can make you feel clean and normal, and keep you happy and active.

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