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10 Tips To Improve Your UI And UX Design For Business

An effective UI/UX design is pivotal in creating terrific interactions for users. A website is only as useful as it is responsive.

For this reason, the website designer looks for ways to create a frictionless interface so the visitor to the website remains impressed.

He or she wants to buy the product or service because of the wonderful user experience they had. Here are a few ways to improve the UI and UX design with ease.

1. Stick To A Single Typeface

When there is more than one typeface, the user spends time adjusting to the difference. This will make the person lose interest in your product.

2. Improve User’s Onboarding

This is the most important thing. If you use the Skip this Step button to help users avoid cumbersome steps, more customers will look forward to using your UI/UX interface.

3. Copy Top Designs

Scan the magazines and the images of online ads for hints on how to improve your design. Sometimes, it is obvious. If you put in more effort, you get more ideas. After all, everyone has an idea in his or her mind about how things should look.

4. Get A Mentor

If you still feel that the design is not something, which is attractive or reflects the core values of your brand, may be its time to contact the best Web Design Agencies. A mentor can be anyone, from someone you know to someone you seek out a professional engagement with. This is why if you feel that the UI and UX task is getting complex and draining your resources, it is time you seek help from professional experts.

5. Ensure Uniformity Of Light Source For Shadow

Readers feel comfortable when the shadow is uniform. If there is a disparity, they will spend time wondering what is wrong. This will disrupt the attention they pay to the content.

6. Enhance Contrast Between Images And Text

This is to help improve the readability of the text you use in the images. You can achieve a simple contrast with a gradient overlay or a tested full image overlay.

7. Avoid Centered Text

Centered text tends to upset the flow of the reader. When there are too many texts in the center of the page, the reader begins to wonder if he will have to shift focus and this will disturb the continuity of the content.

8. Reduce Dependence On Reusable UI Design Patterns

A reusable UI pattern will serve as the basis for you to start the design. But you must not use the same pattern for all your web design work; it will destroy your individuality.

9. Use Plenty Of Whitespace

Whitespace is a friend, it creates continuity and helps readability. Use whitespace in plenty and you will have a wonderful web page and user experience.

10. Use Dark Text on Light Backgrounds

This is important because you don’t want your visitors to squint trying to make out what you have mentioned. Clarity is the way to acceptance, use it to your advantage.

It takes time and endless tweaks to create a working UI for an application or website. If you follow the tips outlined above, you can reach the other shore without too much bother. Creating a good UI/UX design is more than just a responsibility, it is the hallmark of your efficiency as a designer.

Author’s Bio

Vinit Mahendru, Client Relations Manager at Idea Theorem offers modern UX & UI services and focuses on improving the growth and increasing customer engagement based in Toronto, ON.

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