10 Most Influential People In Cryptocurrency World

It is quite easy to take advantage of the technology but at the same time, we must also talk about the people who made that technology and how these technologies are now benefiting a large population.

When Cryptocurrency was developed no one thought that the technology would come so far. But now where it is, it is important to discuss the people who made it possible.

In this article, I would be discussing the top 10 most influential personalities in the cryptocurrency world. The whole list is not exhaustive but is based on the current trends and the impact they had on the crypto market. So without wasting any time let’s dive straight into the list

  1. Andreas Antonopoulos – He is one of the most influential tech entrepreneurs and the most famous podcast host. Apart from this, he is also known to be one of the biggest people in the crypto world because of his pro-crypto stance. He is very famous for his crypto books. One of his biggest hits, the “Internet of Money” is among the 6 cryptocurrency books he wrote on the subject. The crypto Industry considers him to be a great expert in this field. He has been active in this arena since 2012 and has been working quite well in terms of Image branding concerning cryptocurrency.
  2. Pavel Durov- Again an entrepreneur Pavel is originally the founder of a site called VK. But he rose to fame by launching his messaging app Telegram with his brother Nikolai Durov back in 2013. As when cryptocurrency gained prominence telegram became heaven like ground for all the crypto enthusiasts. The app has gained around 200 million monthly users and his open network project has yielded him 1.7 billion based upon his own blockchain.
  3. Brandon Chez- He is an anonymous person who is the master behind the creation of Coin Market Cap. The app is now one of the world’s most looked after sites for all the cryptocurrency news. The effect of this app can be seen from the very fact that once the app delisted South Korean exchanges without warning dealing in Ripple and the consequences of it was felt when the same currency fell by nearly 20 per cent. Talking of exchange platforms BItcoin Era is a platform wherein you can invest, trade and buy bitcoin at a nominal fee. It is an emerging platform with top-class security features.
  4. David Marcus – He is a famous personality in the tech world. From Silicon Valley, he is an executive at PayPal and Facebook. He was also promoted to CEO of Facebook’s cryptocurrency project. If this project is a success the whole credit might go to David Marcus without any doubt.
  5. Brad Garlinghouse- He is the CEO of one of the prominent cryptocurrencies named Ripple. In order to get more market share, Brad has been lurking behind the doors to engage with other partners such as American Express and Moneygram.
  6. Jack Dorsey – Former Twitter CEO and the creator of Twitter also has his own payment system named Square. Recently, Time Square made an investment of fifty million in Bitcoin, in order to develop more upon this technology. He is also considered a great ambassador of Crypto assets. Recently he sold his first tweet through an NFT thereby creating awareness about the crypto world.
  7. Joseph Lubin – He is the Co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys. He is also the COO of the Ethereum platform. His works in smart contracts have also been influential in the growth of so many cryptocurrency projects. https://thebitcoinup.io/ has recently gained more popularity where people can invest and trade and buy Bitcoins. One must go and trade on this website.
  8. Changpen Zhao – He is the owner of the world’s largest and biggest cryptocurrency exchange programmed Binance. It was founded in 2017 and it took him nearly 3 years to make the company the leading brand.
  9. Vitalik Buterin – He is known to be the founder of Ethereum. He is also the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. Today Ethereum is only behind bitcoin in terms of market share but in terms of features, Ethereum has proved to be one of the most advanced level cryptocurrencies.
  10. Satoshi Nakamoto – “Regarded as the GODFATHER OF CRYPTOCURRENCY”. There is no clarity on whether he is real or not. Is he a person or not? He has brought the cryptocurrency revolution to this world and the whole cryptocurrency is thankful for his own contribution.

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