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Understanding Valuable Instagram Metrics That Must Be Tracked By All Marketers For A Successful Promotion Strategy

Instagram was once introduced as a simple image-sharing app but it soon grew beyond all expectations and gained phenomenal popularity as a visually-focused social media platform. It is currently gaining traction by the day and is regarded as the most rapidly expanding social networking sites out there.

It is, therefore, not surprising that both big and small brands and businesses are happy to leverage this powerful and incredibly robust platform and its broad user base. This is precisely where the Millennials love to hang out. That is surely a very much in-demand market.

Both C2C and B2C organizations along with B2B firms have realized the significance of this photo-oriented platform as a solid marketing channel with a huge potential to assist businesses in reaching out and engaging with their target audiences. Businesses can witness positive outcomes once they focus their attention on the crucial Instagram metrics and acknowledge and understand their significance.

Once you are aware of and once you grasp a sound understanding of the chief Instagram metrics, you would achieve the necessary clarity of thoughts required for analyzing what all are working well for your business and things that are simply sheer waste of money.

Equipped with such important data, your strategy could easily be optimized and you could chalk out a productive future marketing stratagem for boosting your overall audience reach. Once you focus on doing it right, it could dramatically modify the way you pursue Instagram marketing. Here are some of the key Instagram metrics just great for your business analytics.

Important Instagram Metric # 1: Follower Growth Rate

The most significant and popular Instagram metric is the accurate number of followers on your Instagram account. The follower count is the most crucial metric and it is demonstrated right on the top panel of your Instagram Bio. The follower count would not be impacting the bottom line of your business directly on Instagram.

With present followers often unfollowing your Instagram profile and new followers joining in on a regular basis, your business’s growth on this powerful platform may seem pretty slow. Instagram’s follower growth rate must still be regarded as a crucial metric to take into account.

That is simply because the follower count or the exact number of followers driven to your Instagram Business account could and surely does signify precisely how your overall target audience seems to perceive your unique brand and business. Moreover, the accurate follower count would be indicating how your community seems to be achieving growth.

In case, your Instagram content is relevant, you would surely find that your followers are embedding your posts seamlessly in their sites or blogs and even mentioning you every now and then. This could culminate in a sudden or unexpected rise in your overall Instagram follower count.

The main idea here is to focus on connecting this growth certainly with your precise Instagram activity like the exact time of sharing your posts, the frequency of the shares, hosting contests that necessitate users to follow your account, etc. Every business must focus their attention on analyzing how their follower count id rising or dipping and if that is triggered by your specific Instagram activity. You must check out other important factors like:

  • Engagement rate with users and followers
  • Accurate number of videos shared and views generated
  • All types of ads and paid promotions
  • Quality of all the shared visual content

Your Instagram follower count is still regarded as just a vanity metric. However, by considering precisely how you seem to be acquiring these followers and factors affecting their overall growth could make a major difference. You may seek professional assistance from digital marketing experts at Like4Like for boosting your follower growth.

Important Instagram Metric # 2: Engagement Rate

All brands would love to get more and more likes on this platform. It is a fact that Instagram likes indicate how many users actually endorse your visuals and surely it does not end there. It is of great help to determine the precise reasons why somebody is fascinated by your content.

Initially, businesses may not understand the necessity of measuring engagement metrics like likes, reposts, and comments. However, with a gradual boost in your follower count and with regular posting, you need to start focusing on these crucial Instagram metrics.

You may get an accurate estimate of your follower engagement rate by using this simple formula: Start by taking the average number of Instagram likes, comments, and even reposts gathered by your Instagram for Business account during a month and dividing that number by your current followers.

Important Instagram Metric #3: Engagement Per Post

Achieving Instagram marketing success is all about paying attention to the slightest details and making sure that all your endeavors are focused and diverted in the correct direction. Apart from the other valuable Instagram metrics mentioned above, you must keep monitoring the average engagement per post.

Keep an accurate count of follower engagement generated for your Instagram posts. The calculations involved are certainly not complex and are easy to work out. You simply need to determine the top few Instagram posts that you had shared during the course of the week that achieved the maximum engagement from your overall Instagram audience. This is exactly what you require doing.

Go about calculating accurately the total number of likes and comments on your Instagram posts obtained over the week. Take the ultimate result and go about dividing that by the total number of posts on your Instagram account. This way, you could obtain the average engagement for every post. This is a key Instagram metric that simply cannot be undermined or ignored in case you are interested in growing your overall Instagram presence.

Important Instagram Metric #4: Instagram Stories Metrics

As per, one of the integral elements of Instagram marketing stratagems would involve the use of Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories are a crucial Instagram metric that every marketer must take into account.

Instagram Stories are beneficial in multiple ways and chiefly because they add a whole new dimension to your content that is meant for your target audience. The vanishing nature of the videos and pictures on IS allows increased liberty and flexibility as compared to what your feed normally does.

Instagram Stories help you to keep track of critical metrics like Story Taps Back & Taps Forward, Story Replies, and Story Impressions & Exits, among many others.


We have discussed just a few important Instagram metrics that need to be monitored closely while you are managing and keeping track of your Instagram growth. It is of pivotal importance to understand these critical Instagram metrics while having a discussion about Instagram advertising. All businesses must keep tracking these key Instagram metrics if they wish to stay on top of the analytics to boost their overall reach.

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