Investing In 5G Stocks

Why You Should Be Investing In 5G Stocks Now

If you have been keeping tabs on news about recent advancements in technology, you probably have heard of 5G. 5G promises to redefine speed and surpass its predecessors.

The new communication technology is bound to bring change that could not have been achieved otherwise. Even with all its drawbacks, companies are still investing in developing its technology to make sure it can be easily accessible.

With all that said, let us take a look at why you should be investing in 5G stocks right now.

What Is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation of wireless technology and the news of its arrival has taken the media by a storm. The top special features of 5G technology are its speed, decreased latency which helps it be more responsive, and its ability to connect to multiple devices at once.

The Promise In Stock Value

Whether it is Qualcomm Inc or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, the value of the stocks speaks for themselves. Even the StocksReviewed blog post on 5g tollbooth firm shows how you can get the best out of 5G stocks.

The Future Of Speed

Can you imagine a future where download speed is 10 times faster? With 5G, this is the reality. Download speed might not seem that important initially but imagine applying this speed in other aspects such as robotic technology in the medical sector.

With the decreased latency, companies will be able to use this speed as a tool to bring their products to the next level. That is why many companies are eager to invest in and develop 5G.

A Deeper Look Into The Game Changer Of Technology

Investing In 5G Stocks

As previously mentioned, the power of 5G will be changing the technology of today that we know, for the better. However, you may ask exactly how important or life-changing will these changes be.

With the rise of 5G technology, users will be able to see a boost in their experiences with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

To further explain the example of its advancement in the medical field, doctors will be able to assist their patients remotely which can add to the safety of the doctor and the comfort of the patient.

In addition, finally, we will get to see the growth of self-driving cars as technology will become more efficient.
In other words, the technology will take a step towards an automated world and many of the tech advancements we had been dreaming of, will start to become a reality.

5G Gadgets Are On Their Way

With all these crazy claims, you might be wondering when can you really experience its power first hand. The truth is, the time is very near when 5G devices will be easily accessible.

Many phone companies have already started lining up devices to release that will be compatible with 5G.
Rumor has it that Apple is also planning on releasing new iPhones which will be compatible with 5G.
So if you had the slightest doubt 5G would be living up to its hype, it already has.

5G Connection Is Being Tested

Currently, you can see that a 5G connection has already been used in parts of the world like Chicago. As any connection, it does have its bugs but the signal claims to be really good.

Furthermore, even though Verizon’s services are just restricted to downloads, the experience is still like no other.

The Problem With 5G

As 5G is being tested in Chicago, it still has its problems. The most prominent issue with 5G is its low coverage which makes it hard to access for many people. The experience of using 5G is quite unique, you will experience excellent speed but as soon as you reach the edge of its coverage area it will suddenly drop.

The distance of the coverage is approximately only 500 feet from the cell site. The dream of 5G will have to be changed if this issue of coverage is not resolved. even though its prospects are amazing, it will simply become inefficient and unsustainable to put up the required number of cell sites to make it widely accessible.

Furthermore, there is another huge issue that a 5G connection faces, it is unable to completely penetrate barriers. In other words, simple barriers like walls and trees can decrease the speed of 5G by 60%.

The Bright Side Of 5G

Even though 5G has its bugs, it is still receiving a lot of support which shows that the promise it holds will not dissipate. For example, the problem with its ability to penetrate objects is slowly improving.

On the other hand, we should also keep in mind that 5G is still in its early stages so there is time for it to improve.

As previously mentioned, Apple might be holding back from releasing 5G products immediately and waiting for the technology to improve but that does not mean they are not going to be releasing anything at all.

So, we can assume by the time 5G gadgets will be out in full swing, the technology might already have solved all its bugs by then.

Final Thoughts

Even though the technology has its issues but the promise it shows is immense. If 5G works out all its bugs, it will change the reality of technology entirely. We will be able to finally experience the AI and AR visions we had only dreamed of previously.

Moreover, 5G fixing all its current problems is not a far off dream, many companies are investing in it so that when it is finally done, the companies can plan on releasing gadgets which will complement 5G.

Additionally, if 5G is performing at its best, the complimentary gadgets will also function accordingly. That is why many companies have the incentive to work alongside industries that are developing 5G.

All in all, just like any technology 5G will have to work out its bugs but after that, its stock value will only increase,

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