Everything You Need To Know About Beauty Injections

Flickering on the Internet a selection of stars overdoing with plastic, “horror stories” from social networks, and myths created by illiterate doctors, led to the fact that many are afraid of dermal fillers and aesthetic medicine. In this article, we will dispel some myths and tell you more about beauty injections.


Fillers Based On Hyaluronic Acid Are Harmful To The Eye Area

Correction of an anatomically complex nasolacrimal sulcus really requires a highly qualified cosmetologist and the use of certain drugs. For this purpose, hyaluronic acid, which is natural for the body, is used.

The specialist must take into account many factors – from anatomical features to chronic diseases, metabolic disorders, and a tendency to edema in the patient.

Correction is possible only after an individual consultation, which will confirm the absence of contraindications to the procedure.

The cosmetologist selects the optimal drug and tells how to behave during the rehabilitation period, and then sets the date of the examination in 10-14 days.

If the manipulation is carried out in a reliable clinic, under the supervision of an experienced specialist, it does not pose a danger to the sensitive area under the eyes and gives pronounced positive results.

After The Introduction Of A Filler Based On Hyaluronic Acid, The Face Will Look Unnatural

If the procedure is carried out by an experienced specialist and the drug is chosen correctly, the face will acquire clear contours – you will be pleased to look at yourself in the mirror.

To get this result, be critical in choosing a doctor. Only cosmetologists with higher education have the right to do contour plastics. It is advisable that the doctor has a portfolio of work.

How you look after the procedure is largely up to you. If you do not follow the recommendations for the rehabilitation period, the result may not be at all what you expected.

For example, after lip contouring, doctors forbid biting, squeezing, or massaging the lips on their own for 3-4 days.

Otherwise, the drug will migrate – your appearance will not change for the better. Find a good specialist, follow his recommendations – and you will be happy with the result!

Filler Based On Hyaluronic Acid Can Only Be Dissolved Completely

If after the procedure you are not satisfied with your appearance, you can always remove the filler with the help of enzymes – in whole or in part. In this work, many professionals use enzymes in different concentrations – lidase, longidase.

With their help, it is possible, for example, to dissolve a superficial ball on the mucous membrane of the lips, which suddenly appeared after contouring, or to correct other defects. The possibilities of modern cosmetology are wide, the main thing is to trust a qualified specialist.

Subtleties Of Applying Fillers

The most reasonable and competent introduction of fillers is possible only when working with the ligamentous apparatus of the face (middle third of the face).

For example, when correcting cheekbones, thick and dense fillers based on calcium hydroxyapatite or hyaluronic acid are used. The most important thing is to place the filler on the bone.

This can be done with either a needle or a cannula. If the doctor injects the injection correctly, the drug will create a kind of support, continuing the bone, and serving as a support for all other tissues. Then the face will look natural and fresh.

The most common mistake of cosmetologists is the introduction of the drug superficially, into the upper layers of the skin. In this case, the filler will make the facial features heavier, making them less mobile and pronounced.

Most often, it is this point that scares patients who do not know anything about injections, but it is important to understand that it is the professionalism of the specialist in this case that sets the tone for the result.

An experienced cosmetologist knows all about the intricacies of work in different anatomical zones and is unlikely to allow the appearance of the “rubber” face effect.

At a preliminary appointment with a beautician, specify in which zones the filler will be injected and with which drug the doctor is going to work.

The choice of drug density depends on the zone into which the injection will be injected. For the correction of cheekbones or chin, it is recommended to choose persistent and less pliable fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

For working on wrinkles in the lip area – fluid and more plastic preparations. Another important point is the amount of the drug. The “small and right on target” principle tends to work best.

Instead of injecting more than 1-2 ml of the drug at a time, it is better to come to an additional appointment for additional correction: you definitely should not overdo it (this applies to injections into the lacrimal and nasolacrimal grooves, the border between the cheek and infraorbital region).

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