Everything You Need To Know About Elite Smash

As a player of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you know that Elite Smash is the apex of gameplay. If you’re interested in how to achieve Elite Smash status, you’re not alone. Super Smash Bros. online game mode “quickplay” can be difficult and even frustrating.

If you want to achieve Elite Smash where the best of the best are brought together, you’ll need to improve your skills and climb the ladder of Global Smash Power (GSP). Elite Smash status might seem to be a bit elusive for some players, however, with some work you can achieve it.

Elite Smash is an exclusive level in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and can open up elite smash battles for the best players. This elite game mode is awarded using a player’s GSP that increases or falls after every online battle.

No matter if you’re stuck way below the threshold for Elite Smash, or just under it, there are a few tips that can help you get access to these elite battles. Let’s take a look at some things that you should know about Elite Smash.


As discussed, to reach Elite Smash status, a player needs to garner a certain amount of Global Smash Power. To increase your GSP, you must win consistently.

Even though a certain level of GSP must be reached, there is not a set standard for what must be achieved. Much to the frustration of many players, the amount of GSP needed to reach Elite Smash is constantly increasing and is measured by the number of people that have played online in a particular area.

As more people purchase and play the game online, the required GSP to reach Elite Smash increases, making it seem even more elusive.

To keep up with the current requirements, you can check websites where players post the date, character, and GSP when they hit Elite Smash. These sites can give you a general idea of where you need to be.

To complicate things even further, GSP isn’t awarded at a standard rate either. While each win will net you some GSP, each win doesn’t always get you the same amount of GSP.

Depending on your opponent’s GSP, you can gain more or less for a victory. In the same vein, losses will also decrease your GSP based on your opponent. If you lose to a player with a lower GSP, it can have a significant impact on your numbers.


One of the most important things to note about reaching Elite Smash is that your GSP is tied to a character and not a player. This means that you should focus on a specific character if you are trying to get into elite battles. The number of GSP it takes to reach Elite Smash level varies by character and also changes over time.

This is why it’s important to pick one character and stick with it until you get the required amount of GSP. When you reach Elite Smash with a character, you can focus on selecting another one and getting them across the line.

If you play with multiple characters all of the time, it will take a while before you can get one of them into elite battles.


The most important thing to remember when trying to reach Elite Smash status is to be patient. It will be a slow grind to reach the top. This means that you need to be aware of your level and what you are doing.

Spend some time sharpening your skills, become very familiar with your character, and develop a preferred move set. You should also know when to quit. A good player realizes that chaining several losses together won’t do anything to help reach Elite Smash.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a best seller with millions of competitive players worldwide. To become part of a unique online matchmaking system known as Elite Smash, it will take some patience.

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