Why IT Managers Are Looking at iPaas

Why IT Managers Are Looking At iPaas To Connect Disparate Parts Of Their Company

Application integration is essentially the connection of disparate software platforms so that your business can operate more effectively.

When you first start a business, it may be relatively simple to keep track of all your information, especially if your only software solutions are for accounting and payroll.

As businesses grow, however, they need to run more software applications as well as gather and analyze more data, and keeping systems separated only works to hinder your workflow and slow your growth.

More and more companies are moving away from legacy systems and embracing digital transformation, and connectivity should be one of your organization’s top priorities for when you make the switch.

Integration platforms can dramatically cut down the time your organization would normally waste on manual processes, and make it much easier for different departments to work together toward your company goals.

There are a few different environments integration platforms that can be deployed in: premise applications, cloud application, or hybrid application.

On-premises systems ensure that you have full control over every element of the system, as well as its data integrity, though you may miss out on some of the benefits of cloud integration.

What is iPaas?


Integration platform-as-a-service (iPaas) is a cloud service that integrates your software and data to improve your business processes. Software as service (SaaS) has rapidly grown in popularity, and business leaders are looking to incorporate these services more and more because of their ease of deployment, stability, and the fact that they encourage rapid growth.

IT managers also love iPaas solutions because they allow previously disparate systems to rapidly exchange data with each other and also help expedite the migration of data from legacy systems to new applications. The more connected your solutions are, the easier they are to support as well. Your IT team will be able to quickly identify problems and trace them to the source, so that your systems are back working efficiently as soon as possible.

Here are just a couple of the biggest ways integration can help improve your organization.

Customer Service


Every business needs to make money, and achieving high customer retention is one of the best ways to do that. After all, it can cost up to five times more to attract a new customer compared to keeping an existing one. Inspiring customer loyalty also increases the odds that customers will spread the good word about your business, so it’s sort of free advertising as well.

If you can integrate your CRM system with sales programs you’re already running, you can use customer data to gain timely insights into how your products and services are performing, which can help your sales team pursue leads more effectively. Since data is reported practically in real-time, you’ll never have to worry about making decisions based on out-of-date information.

You can also dramatically increase the efficiency of your customer support team, especially in your call center. Artificial intelligence can drive your call routing and ensure that customers are connected to the right agents as quickly as possible, to handle their calls. You can also make things more convenient by letting customers use digital channels to communicate, and making sure that all customer data is automatically updated.

Data Management


If all your organization’s information is kept in separate data silos, it’ll be hard for your departments to communicate effectively, or to ensure that your business leaders are getting accurate information. With iPaas integrations, applications across all departments are constantly sharing data with each other in near real-time, so team leaders are always updated on what’s going on and can more effectively work together to align projects with company goals.

In addition to making your business more efficient and scalable, iPaas integration capabilities also help improve employee accountability and inspire engagement. No matter your organization’s goals, an iPaas vendor can help you reach them as efficiently as possible and always maintain accurate data.

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