5 Exercises That Will Help You Maintain A Healthy Spine

Your spine is a crucial part of your body, it helps you to stand up straight, bend, and move in a variety of directions. At the same time, it houses your nerves and allows signals to transfer from your brain to the rest of your body, and vice versa.

However, like all structures in the body, age takes its toll. Unless you look after your spine it will get weaker and you’ll find you are less flexible. It will also be less able to protect the important nerves that travel within.

Of course, if you have serious issues with your spine then a good spine surgeon can operate to help reduce the problems. But, your doctor and your spine surgeon would rather help you to protect your sign instead of dealing with an issue with it.

Fortunately, the following 5 exercises can be easily added to your daily routine and will help your spine to stay healthy.

  • Exercise

No matter what age you are regular exercise will help to strengthen all the muscles, bones, and tendons in your body, including those in your back. It’s a good idea to choose several stretching and bending exercises that you can do every day.

Alongside this, exercises helps strengthen muscles. Choose several muscle exercises and do some every day. It is advisable to work with different muscle groups to avoid muscle strain.

Aerobic exercise, such as swimming, biking, or even simply walking, is also a good idea.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is often under-rated. However, when you sleep your body has the opportunity to process the day’s activities and to heal itself. If you get the recommended 6-8 hours sleep a night you’ll feel better and your spine will be stronger.

You should also choose a mattress that is supportive, not too soft or too hard. Take a look at your mattress to see if it is doing what it should be.

  • Lose Excess Weight

The more weight you carry the greater the stress on all your muscles, bones, and joints. Losing a little weight will lessen the load on your spine, make you feel better, and make you more mobile and flexible.

  • See Your Doctor Regularly

To maintain your spine and the rest of your body you need to have regular check-ups. Simply make sure you visit the doctor when you have an issue and for any scheduled, age-related check-ups. Identifying an issue early can make it much easier to resolve.

  • Think About Posture

Your posture makes a real difference. Adopting the right posture reduces strain on your body and helps you to maintain flexibility. It is best, when standing, to have your feet slightly apart, knees straight, chin slightly tucked in, and your shoulders back and down.

It will feel weird when you first do it but you will get used to it and it offers an array of positive benefits. After a short time, you will automatically adopt a good posture position.

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