Car Stickers

The Best Types Of Materials Used For Manufacturing Car Stickers

After checking out all the possible options, you have finally decided to go for the best stickers and decals for your car.

Your company owns a fleet of car, so decorating those vehicles with company promotional stickers is one way to improve your brand name even more.

When more and more people come to learn about your firm, the better business you are subject to get. So, make sure to head for the best car stickers, which can work well with the cars.

Car Stickers

Now, before you proceed further with the stickers and decals in here, it is time to work on the materials for the stickers now.

There are so many types of materials used and going for the best one seems to be a great call to consider. So, without wasting time, let’s check in with the materials of the stickers first.

1. The Calendared Vinyl:

Calendared vinyl is one of the major common materials, widely used for the decals out there. This form of vinyl is noted to be thicker and also quite rigid than most of the other decal materials. The result comes with a long lasting durability in here.

Printing on such platforms will involve rolling the material through the specialized printers first. This form of vinyl is great to be used on any flat surface of the car, and even on windows, floors and walls of the cars.

2. Cast Vinyl:

Another common decal material in here is the cast vinyl. It will start off as one liquid mixture and with gradual placement of heat; it will get a fabric-like consistency.

Cast vinyl is noted to be pretty thick and also quite flexible. The best part is that this form of vinyl decals is durable to last for years, even when you are using them outdoor. That’s why these materials are great for manufacturing stickers to be placed on cars.

3. Industrial Vinyl:

Whenever you are manufacturing stickers for car, you want the product to last for a longer span of time. So, using industrial vinyl for its manufacturing is a good call to consider. For making outdoor labels, this material is the best option you could find.

Most of the premium quality industrial based vinyl materials will last for 9 to 11 years, with high resistance from the UV radiation.

Moreover, these labels are chemical and water resistant as well. The material gets to offer promising flexibility, which is perfect for the sharped curved surfaces and even the rivets.

Some Of The Other Materials In Town:

Manufacturing Car Stickers

Apart from all the other materials mentioned above, there are some other options you can get for car decals or stickers.

Some of those are polyester, polypropylene labels, recycled labels, satin labels, and fluorescent paper labels and there are so much more.

Just be sure to check out the features of every material first along with their pros and cons, before you can make the final decision and get to choose one.

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