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Meme Marketing – Why Are Brands Smiling About It

Memes have become immensely popular in recent times, especially on social media. These typically, pair an image with a humorous text to poke fun at something or a situation.

Many brands have also been quick to spot the opportunity and have turned to meme marketing campaigns to engage their customers better.

Meme marketing has become even more important as audiences are increasingly developing blindness to conventional online advertising or installing ad blockers when surfing the web. Some of the main benefits of meme marketing for brands include:

Benefits Of Meme Marketing

Completely Free

Easily one of the biggest advantages of memes for cash-starved online marketers is that it does not cost anything to create and post memes.

Even if you know nothing about designing or do not have access to specialized graphic software, you can still access plenty of free online meme creation websites. You can create any meme of your choice in just a few minutes in line with your business sector and communication needs.

Easy To Create

The process of creating memes is simple. If you are not handy with graphic software, you can always turn to any of the free online meme creation websites.

You can explore their library of images for something suitable for your use and add the text that gives the punch to the image to generate an outstanding meme in a matter of minutes.

If you have an image of your choice, you can upload it to the website and carry on with the process. You can also use sites like Meme Scout to find trending memes on social media that you can draw inspiration from.

Helps To Make Emotional Connection with Audience

There is nothing better than a smile or a chuckle to lift your spirits. Marketers have long realized that content that makes their audience feel good and entertains them is the best vehicle for brand promotion without having to push products with in-the-face advertising.

The humor helps establish an emotional connection that finds favor with the audience who are more receptive to the subliminal advertising and brand promotion. If the content resonates with the audience, they are more willing to share it, helping it go viral.

To create memes that your audience will love and engage with, your choice of the image and quote has to match trends that the audience is currently following.

Better Momentum to Marketing with Viral Memes

By using memes that are already viral on social media, marketers can leverage their popularity to engage in brand promotion with far less resistance.

Spotting the trends of memes already going around can make your job of engaging the audience much easier. Memejacking, as it is called, makes the work of meme marketing much easier for brands, according to Forbes.

People these days prefer memes over long texts and emoticons to react on some situation or event. If you like dark humor then visit our collection of messed up and fucked up memes here. Here you can also find some of the best “Game of Thrones” memes which is perfect to describe different day to day situations.


Meme marketing is increasingly becoming important to brands as it enables them to engage their audiences interestingly.

When the target audience finds the memes funny or making a statement they can identify with, they are more inclined to like it and share it with their followers. It draws more attention to your brand and helps you to boost brand awareness and acquire new followers.


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