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Men’s Modern Underwear: Going Beyond Flannel And The Good Old Loin Cloth

The clothing brand is a significant factor when you are shopping for men’s underwear. If it is a brand you trust, then you are sure it is well-made. But there’s more to it than just the brand when you are in the market for men’s underwear briefs.

All men should agree that they have definitely gone beyond wearing loincloths and codpieces. They were the precursors to the modern underwear that men wore today. Nowadays, men need more than just protective underclothing that can be easily removed.

You will not find a lot of guys who are still interested in wearing knee-length flannel. Today you will want to use some fashion sense and comfort, among other things, when selecting men’s underwear briefs.

Boxers vs Briefs

This is a classic question when guys argue about underwear. Which type of underwear is more comfortable, a boxer or briefs? However, do take note that there are more types of underclothing for men nowadays other than these two. Your options include cotton stretch trunks, low rise trunks, boxer briefs, and hip briefs.

Boxers and boxer briefs allow you to make adjustments in case you have some slight disproportions in your figure. Boxer briefs and trunks and low-rise trunks resemble shorts.

If you are a bit on the skinny side, boxers and boxer briefs make your lower body look bigger, thus creating balance in your overall look. They give good coverage for guys who are on the plus size of the scales, and that also evens out their looks.

Trunks and low-rise trunks are better suited for guys who are getting some bulk. But if you are a lot brawnier than before, then your best option is to get men’s underwear briefs. But that is not the only reason why you should buy them regardless of your size and figure.

Why You Should Get Men’s Underwear Briefs

When it comes to comfort, briefs provide the most amount of comfort compared to all other types of underwear. You feel relaxed when you wear one underneath your pants. They also fit nicely and will not get in the way.

They provide the most amount of support compared to boxers and boxer briefs. They are also comfy enough even if you have a rather active day ahead. It will not feel like you have your manhood hanging when you throw kicks, roll, jog, or run.

Where support matters the most, briefs are your number one option. Boxers and other loose-fitting underwear sometimes feel like you have got nothing under there.

Hallmarks Of Quality Men’s Underwear

Once again, comfort should be on the top of your list if you are looking for quality men’s underwear briefs. The positioning of the seams, the cut material, the pouch, contribute to the overall quality of underclothing. When it comes to comfort, briefs win.

You will also want to look for that signature elastic waistband on your briefs to make sure you are wearing something nice and snug. It also helps to keep everything in place. You might also want to get briefs that have cut thigh and back knitted openings, so they do not unravel as you move around.

Finally, you should also consider longevity when shopping for briefs for men. All cotton men’s underwear tends to shrink and fade over time. Consider cotton elastane blends or microfibre jerseys since they tend to last longer than your run of the mill underwear fabrics.

Man has gone beyond the good old loincloth and knee-length men’s trousers. The brand, level of comfort, support, and fabric quality play an important part when choosing the best men’s underwear.


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