Looking for Microsoft Premier Support

Looking For Microsoft Premier Support? 5 Options To Find Help

Looking for Microsoft Premier Support

If your business is one of the 83% of enterprises that relies on Microsoft programs, you will already be aware of the importance of good IT support.

For years, this has meant taking advantage of Microsoft’s stellar Premier Support program, which offers all-in-one IT support across all devices and services. However, Microsoft is now in the process of phasing out Microsoft Premier Support entirely and moving towards a new model that will be considerably more expensive for smaller businesses.

If you are one of the tens of thousands of business owners that will be affected by the move away from Microsoft Premier, you might be looking for alternatives that do not break the bank. If that is the case, read on to find out what your alternative options to Microsoft Premier online are.

What Is Happening to Microsoft Premier Support?

First, it is worth breaking down what is actually happening to Microsoft Premier Support. As Microsoft has announced, they will be phasing out this offering entirely over the next couple of years. Instead, users will have the option to choose a new model known as Microsoft Unified Support.

This differs from Premier Support in a number of ways. Namely, business owners will no longer be able to pick and choose the support they need. Instead, businesses will be forced to pay for the full range of support, with fees calculated based on the customer’s net spend with Microsoft.

While this might result in some incremental savings for massive companies that spend six figures a year on support, most companies will have to pay more, with some experts calculating that costs for Unified Support will be on average 30-60% higher than Microsoft Premier Support. You are essentially going to be asked to pay more for less.

What Are the Alternatives?

Before calling the Microsoft Premier phone number to ask if the changes will apply to you (they will), now is the time to start considering alternative support options.

There are several ways to get the IT support that you need to keep your business running smoothly without breaking the bank. These include:

Microsoft Unified Support

You can, of course, decide to switch to Microsoft’s new support package. However, this will likely cost your business significantly more than what you were already paying. If you are already running on thin margins, this might not be the best option.

In-House IT Support Staff

Alternatively, you can begin the process of training up and hire in-house IT support staff to meet your needs. While this has the advantage of giving your business dedicated, accessible support staff, the Microsoft Premier Support training, as well as recruiting and hiring costs will be substantial.

Outsource Your Microsoft IT Support

As this detailed expert guide to Microsoft Premier Support explains, you can hire an outsourced support provider such as IncWorx to meet your IT needs. By doing this, you can keep costs low by making use of flexible contracts.

In addition, you will have 24/7 access to qualified support staff without needing to train them yourself. This is ideal if you are focused on your bottom line.

Your Business Tech Questions, Answered

Now that you know about the best alternatives to Microsoft Premier Support, it is time to learn more about the tech decisions you can make to help your business thrive. For this, we have got you covered.

Make sure to consult our dedicated Tech guides to stay on top of the business tech trends that will drive growth in the years ahead.

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