8 Most Beautiful Places In The World To See Before You Die

Exploring different parts of the world is the only therapy you need to calm your mind. Travel instills a sense of gratification and transforms your personality in no time. Also, it makes you a goal-oriented person with a broader perspective and a creative imagination. Every globetrotter wishes to embark upon the journey towards mother nature now and then.

From the lush-green and tranquil forests to the snow-capped serene mountains, you must traverse it all. All you need to do is prepare a bucket list of your favorite destinations and tick them off one by one. Keep reading to know the top travel destinations that might satiate your wanderlust with the mesmerizing landscapes.

1.  Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Are you fond of the turquoise blue waters and high tides by the seashore? If yes, then you must explore the Greek island Santorini at least once in your lifetime. With the white walls adorning the houses by the streets, this place is one of the most attractive destinations all over the globe.

Also, it features the historic towns and top-notch architectural marvels like Cycladic. Some attractions that you must not miss out on our Caldera Cliff Wall, Red Beach, and Hiking Trails in Fira. Grab the best roof rack accessories and load your luggage to embark upon the journey right away.

2.  Cappadocia, Turkey

Here’s the place that offers the chance to gaze at the hot air balloon-filled skies all day long. Cappadocia in Turkey is the dreamy destination for all the adventure lovers out there. You get to enjoy the hot air balloon rides and unveil the secrets of mother earth here. Along with this, the Derinkuyu underground city is a sight to remember with astonishing food courts and glistening lights. Make sure to traverse through the Göreme Open-Air Museum for a spectacular experience.

You can also enjoy a hike along the trails of Mount Erciyes ski along the snow-capped trails for a while. In case you’re a gastronome who likes to try out different cuisine, don’t miss out on the Turkish one at any cost. With the grilled meatballs, kebabs, and stews, you can satiate your taste buds without any hassles. End your voyage with a glass of merlot and the astonishing sunset at the Lover’s Hill Point. Not only will it mesmerize your soul, but it also allows you to experience sunset at a great altitude.

3.  Chamonix, France

Chamonix, France

As the winter’s approach, almost every traveler wishes to explore the snow trails and enjoy the festive vibes. Chamonix in France is your go-to-place for the winter vacations and cravings. With the French Alps and luxurious resorts around, you are likely to experience a memorable time here. The popular attractions like Mer de Glace and Lac Blanc might leave you astonished and craving for more natural aesthetics. While in Chamonix, you must not miss out on the Chamonix Town Center and other shopping places.

Along with this, the local French delicacies might add more spice to your experience. Some popular French dishes available in the region are Savoyarde Fondue, Raclette, and La Tartiflette. You must not hesitate to ask the locals about other things that you can try to enhance the experience.

4.  Venice, Italy

If the gondola rides and captivating architecture don’t appeal to you, then nothing will. Venice in Italy is yet another must-visit place with canals all around the region. Also, various old bridges act as the connecting link between the parts of the country. You can enjoy the ecstatic gondola rides and gaze at the intricacies of Italian Architecture here. Along with this, the beautiful monuments, palaces, and churches provide additional charm to the entire experience.

From the top-notch vibe of St. Mark’s Square to the astounding history of Palazzo Ducale, you must explore them all. Other than this, you might traverse the other attractions like San Polo, Scuola Grande di San Rocco, and Ca’ d’Oro. Make sure to enlighten your hunger pangs with Risotto al Nero di sepia, Baccala mantecato, and Sarde in saor. You might explore the shopping regions and gather some tokens of love for your loved ones back home.

5.  Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar

If you’re a spiritual person who wishes to cover up the temples and monasteries, then Bagan is the right place. The region is home to hundreds of Buddhist temples and top-notch archaeological marvels. Also, it holds a rich history that might enthrall history buffs all over the globe. Some famous spots that you can consider are Shwezigon Paya, Shwesandaw Pagoda, and Gubyaukgyi Temple.

In case you wish to explore the temples, try out the other spots like Dhammayangyi Temple and Sulamani Guphaya Temple. After the spiritual spree, satiate the adventurer inside you with a hiking trail across Mount Popa. You might ask the locals for mouth-watering delicacies and other famous regions.

6.  San José, Costa Rica

Here’s the Caribbean destination that provides the chance to explore white sand beaches with delicious sea-food. San Jose in Costa Rica is your one-stop destination for the beach vacations. The place is home to hundreds of beaches that offer top-notch water sports and other activities.

Also, you can try out the surfing experiences that would instill the much-needed adrenaline rush. Travelers also like to enjoy underwater diving and snorkeling at various spots in the island region. Once you get tired of the adventure activities, enter straight to the food-courts offering Nemea and Adega delicacies.

7.  Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska

Almost every explorer likes the glistening and attractive sight of the geographical marvel, i.e., Aurora Borealis. If you’re a nyctophile who wishes to observe the northern lights at least once, then you must explore Fairbanks in Alaska.

Apart from the majestic skies, the place is also home to top-notch gardens and rivers. You can enjoy a snowy hiking experience along the Angel Rocks trail and gaze at the attractive views. Along with this, you must see the museums like the Museum of the North and Fountainhead Antique. The place is also home to attractive biodiversity and has a full-blown Running Reindeer Ranch.

8.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is the place to explore if you like the long canals lining across the crowded streets and modern vibes. With the cannabis coffee shops around the corner, you can grab a bite with some caffeine-punch whenever you desire.

Some attractions that you must explore are the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum., and Anne Frank House. You might also cover up the natural aesthetics at famous spots like Vondelpark, and Emperor’s Canal. Along with this, Amstelpark is the go-to-place in case you can’t think of an appealing spot at any moment.

Bottom Line

Traveling is the only therapy you need to get rid of the stress that accumulates over some time. In case you wish to explore the world, you must decide the suitable destination first. Some popular options like Cappadocia, Venice, and Amsterdam are quite appealing for every type of traveler.

Other than this, you can choose the places based on your interests and the purpose of exploration. For the beach vacations, Costa Rica and Santorini are the one-stop destinations. Also, you can try out the spiritual and architectural regions like Bagan and San Jose. Don’t forget to cover up all the interesting spots and try out the local delicacies.

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