Top 10 Most Popular EG7 Products

EG7 is a world-renowned corporation that includes a group of gaming entertainment development, publishing and marketing companies.

Today’s market requires a careful approach to creating an audience-directed concept that will meet the current and future needs of the user.

This is exactly how the gaming platform is implemented, which can be found, for example, in the Golden Lion casino review at

The specialists work together to provide a full range of services for introducing and bringing video games and related products to market.

The ENAD GLOBAL 7 cooperative includes divisions such as Piranha Games, Big Blue Bubble, Petrol and many others, with a staff of over 450 specialists who develop their own products as well as provide professional advice to other providers. Over the years, an impressive portfolio of work has been accumulated, which you can check out below.

The up-to-date statistics on the official website are impressive.

Companies around the world 16
Titles 1500
Employees 835
Developers 450

EG7’s 10 Most Popular Products

The portfolio includes both in-house developments and those in which the companies of the group have been directly involved as marketers, distributors and others. The corporation has ambitious plans for the future, so we should expect large-scale releases of licensed IP.

Planet Side 2

The video game from Daybreak is a remake of the first part, presented in 2012. It is a multiplayer shooter that takes place in first person, the action is set on the fictional planet Auraxis.

The Free-to-play format allows you to play without the mandatory subscription fee, and for those who wish, in-game purchases are open. The maximum number of players is 64, requiring a minimum of two participants to start.

The Lord Of The Rings Online

Fantasy MMORPG is based on the famous movies of the same name. After its release in 2007, Lot RO still retains its popularity, largely due to the high-quality presentation of Tolkien’s universe and the detailed recreation of the Middle-earth world.

Despite the fact that the main storyline develops according to the three-volume book, the game contains references to other episodes.

Critics and users note the high quality of the graphics, which after so many years has not lost relevance and looks modern on the background of newer developments.

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Initially the game was distributed on a paid basis, but three years later the developers revised the concept and offered a conditionally free format.

This approach attracted a lot of people who wanted to try their luck in the adventure MMORPG, and today it is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the genre.

Online adaptation of the famous tabletop RPG was made at a high level. The atmosphere that users have come to love is transferred.

All the characters, races, history and rules are transferred, traps and puzzles are placed competently, so each new quest will be a bright event.

My Singing Monsters

A unique development of Big Blue Bubble, which presents monsters in an unusual, amusing design. Amazing creatures bring a special zest to the gameplay, attracted by their brightness, originality.

The essence of the game is to breed, interbreeding different individuals, populating planets such as Plants, Cold, Air, Water, Gold, Anther and many others.

It is interesting to play in four, you can pass new levels and locations indefinitely. It is possible to play alone, in multiplayer or in cooperative format. The app is free, but players can make internal purchases of coins, diamonds, and food for monsters.

Mech Warrior 5

Seventeen years after the release of the first part, a new version was launched, in which Piranha Games implemented all the ideas, presented a real surprise to users.

The essence of the game is not limited to robot wars, there is a huge universe 3015, divided into industrial and military zones presented to the player.

Mech warriors abide by their code of honor, rights and responsibilities, searching for the coordinates of a mysterious place.

The main character in the game is the leader of a mercenary squad. They have no restrictions on the right to choose an employer, today’s allies may become enemies tomorrow. Therefore, strategic skills will be required to find reliable partners.

DC Universe

Dedicated to the comic book of the same name, the game offers full involvement in the gameplay, where each battle will be impressive and memorable. In this case, all the control keys are involved, responsible for a particular blow or weapon application.

The eventfulness of the video game distinguishes it from its analogues, and the choice of superheroes is available almost from the first minute.

Everquest 1 & 2

Verant Interactive has taken a careful approach to the development of its product, which is why both parts of the game are successful, receiving updates and additions.

The action in the second part takes place 500 years later, the player can choose a character from 16 races and 48 classes, giving him individual characteristics.

This is a classic of the MMORPG genre, which offers a classic confrontation between light and dark forces in a world called Norrath.

Ragnarök Online

Game in the style of Korean manga has a unique system of guild war, in which you have to fight not only the main enemy, but also the neighboring clans.

It’s dynamic and fun, and the outcome can come in minutes. This MMORPG provides improvement of equipment, a dungeon generator, a mixed 3D and 2D graphic style.

A distinctive feature is the unique progression tree. Instead of concentrating on weapons and artifacts, the emphasis here is on the distribution of stat customization. These have an impact on all of the character’s skills.

Zombie Army 4

Zombie Army 4

It is a novelty of 2020, EG7 was actively involved in the release and marketing of the game. The principle of the game is tied to the extermination of zombies, which have risen after the victory of zombie-Hitler.

The shooter captures with its dynamics, as well as a variety of European locations. For the sharpness of sensations there are unexpected traps hidden in the dolls and other artifacts.


Kitchen quests impress with a variety of locations, you will have to cook in the most unexpected places: on a pirate ship, in a creepy dungeon or a moving truck. The main thing is to withstand and defeat evil, you can do it alone or in four, gathering a team of like-minded people.

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