Tips For Navigating Romantic Relationships

Romance is never simple. Romantic relationships are often some of the most complicated connections you will make in your lifetime. Though a select few appear to never have issues in their love life, most of you could use some positive energy in that area.

You can’t determine who the right person is for you, you can’t be honest with the type of person you are sexually attracted to, or you can’t admit that you just want to explore some option—potentially even a sugar daddy. It’s okay. The good news is everyone has been there. And most of you can get where you want to go relatively easily.

So, where do you begin?

It seems like everyone has their favorite way to begin a relationship, but these don’t work for everyone. There are some great ways to make your roadmap to love easier without having to read every romance novel ever written or take advice from the twice-divorced older brother.


Know yourself.

You don’t need to be psychic to realize that it takes at least two people to be in a relationship. However, before you can begin to start understanding and loving someone else, you need to first know and understand yourself.

This can provide clarity to the type of person you will be looking for when you search for companionship. That’s because most people tend to not be honest with themselves when it comes to the type of person they think they are. Most of you will see the extremes; being self-loathing or narcissistic.

That’s why it can be a good idea to seek understanding from an advisor or clairvoyant. Astrology has helped countless people discover a deep understanding of themselves, their relationships, and their romances. A psychic reading can come through different mediums and tools. A tarot reading, for instance, harnesses the power of the tarot cards to offer insight into your current situation and person. Palmistry is another psychic medium to explore.

If a psychic reader isn’t for you, try meditation and reflection. Looking inward and reflect on what makes you happy and content. Through this, your intuition can help point you in the direction of a partner.

Also, once you are in a relationship. Don’t stop seeking guidance from the sources that help you most. Whether this is a psychic source or a meditative one, keep them in your life and rely on them to help you make wise decisions.

Assess your goals.

Once you have a deeper understanding of who you are, it’s time to delve into what you want. Do you want to live in a New York flat where you can have a view of the skyline as you listen to Fleetwood Mac? Do you want something simple like more free time?

These can be some of the life questions that are difficult to answer. That’s okay. They ultimately only matter to you. But they do matter.

According to Brian Tracy, less than 3% of Americans actually write their goals down. Even fewer actually review and reassess their goals.



Setting and assessing goals open up the opportunity for growth and improvement. Something romantic relationships can become stagnant. Maybe not of the first date, though it is as good of a time as any, it is important to start setting goals and expectations for the relationship. This can be simple questions like “what are you looking for out of a relationship” or “tell me a little about your career goals.” You might just be looking for a sugar daddy. It’s good to set this sort of standard early.

Speaking of daddy, there is a stigma around younger women—people who wrongfully think of them as a prostitute—who seek out a daddy. If this is the goal you are seeking from your romantic relationship, pursue it. Young men seeking a sugar mama are perfectly within their love rights to do so. You just need to establish yourself with the person you interact with, no one else.

True love doesn’t just happen the first time you see someone and think “that’s the one.” It takes time, discussion, and compromise. The best thing is you aren’t doing it alone.

Don’t settle.

Once you and your significant other begin to show some intimacy, the relationship has moved beyond the first date and into new territories. At this point, it’s good to step back and listen to your years of experience. Ask some specific questions of yourself about where this relationship is and where it is going.

It’s time to figure out if you are settling in your current circumstance.

There are several ways to do this. Generally, it requires some reassessment of what you expect from yourself and from the relationship. Think of some of the goals you established for yourself. If you had enough time to set some goals as a couple, evaluate that you are headed in the direction you expected the relationship to go.

If you decided to explore what a sugar daddy could offer, is your allowance enough? There are always chances that you got yourself into a scam. Reflect on how the interactions have gone and make sure you are getting every from the relationship that you should.

Whether or not you are in a sugar relationship, you should never have to settle to be with the person you want. At the end of the day, if you allow yourself to settle for someone or a situation you dislike, the person you are hurting is you.

Understand it’s a partnership.


When it comes to navigating relationships, it is important to remember that there is always more than one person involved. If you don’t feel like the quality of your time together could be classified as a relationship, you probably aren’t in one.

Once you’ve made the decision to actively be in a romantic relationship, start thinking about your partner more. Take your feelings to the next level and express to them your feelings in the perfect way. These are displays of affection. A romantic gift like a teddy bear is a great gift to show someone you care. When you are romantic gifts for your girlfriend, sugar baby jewelry is always a good choice.

If it’s the holiday season—Valentine’s Day gifts and Christmas gifts are always important—you’ll want to find the right gift. This is your chance to get them more than just a candle or jar and really think about how you’ve grown as a couple. A unique gift that highlights your experience together. These keepsakes could be items you carry further along your journey together.

A thoughtful gift is rarely forgotten.

Sometimes it is less about material things and more about action. Using the right body language with them, like expressing your connection in other ways, is important. Make time to be together and don’t settle for just phone calls.

Again, these are just reminders to you and your significant other that you are in this together. You should want to do nice things like this for them because if it is a healthy relationship, they will want to reciprocate the sentiments.

As you and your partner grow together, remember to keep each other happy, but to also keep yourselves happy. The journey isn’t always easy, but it can be a fun ride.

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