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Understand The Enormous Reach And Growth Of Online Gaming Industry In 2020

2020 heralded the dawn of a new decade. The 21st century is now past its teens and into its twenties.

In the business universe, a lot has changed, with some industries gaining ground while the others are losing dramatically.

Yet if one were to pick out an industry that has only been growing from strength to strength in the past two decades, that would hands-down have to be – the Online Gaming Industry.

Before we dive into why the growth of this industry surpasses that of most others, let us first understand what online gaming really is.

Online gaming, in simple terms, refers to any game that is played partially or primarily over the internet.

This niche form of entertainment has truly revolutionized the way we interact with the virtual world.

It has an unparalleled reach and continues to break its own records.

The Online Gaming Industry’s Reach In 2020

We have listed below a few points to help you wrap your head around the massive reach and growth of the Online Gaming in 2020 and the factors that drive such growth.

1. Endless Gaming Universes

There is no way in the world that the gaming industry would be what it is today without some path-breaking innovations in user-experience.

And one thing that instantly comes to mind is endless virtual universes that you could immerse yourself into for years on end without ever feeling compelled to traverse the same path more than one time.

It seems like if game developers continue improving on their art of how to make a video game (and there is no reason why they would not), endless universes will continue to enchant more and more gamers for years to come.

2. The Rise Of High-Performance Smartphones

Once upon a time, phones were frowned upon as terrible gaming devices that only serve to suck the joy out of an otherwise phenomenal experience. Not anymore.

Smartphones now attract users with the best-in-class gaming experience owing to their ever-improving hardware and increasingly sophisticated software.

And no, these are not luxuries restricted to a select few mega-spenders anymore. If you so wish, you can buy a decent gaming smartphone at a reasonable price today.

3. Internet Penetration At An All-time High

There was a time when the internet was considered a luxury. Gone are those days. Today a far cry from being considered a luxury, the internet is now seen a basic right that every person, regardless of other things, is entitled to.

Even the remotest of all regions are now witnessing the birth of the internet right before their very eyes.

Governments are taking keen internet in encouraging the spread of internet connectivity as it is fast being seen as a measure of development. And you know what this means? More internet. More gamers. More online gaming!

4. The Rise Of The ‘Nerd’ Culture

Being nerdy was seen as a terrible thing at one point, well, not so any longer. The nerds have begun to assert their identity – and how! Being a gaming nerd no longer carries that tag of being unsociable or boring.

Gaming is now seen as a clever past-time that keeps your mind engaged while providing an escape from the chaos of the modern world.

5. The Increase In Women Gamers

Gaming is no longer the boys’ den that it once used to be. Women are now beginning to game just as much as men (if not more, in some cases), and even outperforming men at games that were traditionally a man’s-only domain.

And you know what this means. The other half of the planet is now ready to take the gaming universe by storm!
With the added demographic, it opens up endless opportunities for the gaming industry to grow and flourish.

6. Tremendous Marketing

The gaming industry used to be one to shy away from conventional marketing, but all that has changed in the last few years. Gaming companies are going all out with social media marketing such as Facebook, Instagram marketing.

As also, other forms of more traditional marketing such as TV. And oh, this does not include the most effective form of marketing there ever has been – word of mouth.

7. The Rise Of Gaming Communities

The internet has facilitated bringing like-minded people together from all corners of the world – nowhere is this more evident than in the rise of gaming communities that have sprung up all over the internet.

Right from Reddit communities to Quora groups – the participants in these gaming communities share their achievements, high-scores, game recommendations, and a whole lot more.

These communities serve as effective vehicles for increasing interest among existing gamers, along with generating new interest in non-gamers as well!

8. The Gamification Of… Everything

Before I elucidate further on this, let’s first understand what gamification means. Gamification is nothing but the application of game mechanics in non-gaming environments.

This could be done for a variety of reasons such as to increase brand loyalty, educate, or raise awareness Gamification has been proved to be tremendously effective in a lot of areas, which means there is no doubt that the future lies in this.

However, one under-observed byproduct of gamification is, in its introduction of non-gaming people to the concepts of gaming.

When people get hooked on gaming concepts such as levels, competition, etc in non-gaming environments, they feel a pull towards actual gaming. And you know what this means – plenty more business for the gaming industry!

In Conclusion

There is seldom any doubt that the Online Gaming Industry in the year 2020 has shown tremendous potential for growth.

This provides a unique opportunity for everyone to study and be a part of the gaming industry and reap its benefits. With that being said, yes, we are living through uncertain times, and the future is always uncertain.

But that is not the same as taking a shot in the dark. The Online Gaming Industry shows clear signs of enormous reach, along with unparalleled growth based on what the statistics and trends tell us. That’s all we had to share. Go forth, and may success be yours to keep!

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