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7 Reasons To Have Your Own Email Signature

There’s a real sense of professionalism that comes with signing off your signature on emails. This practice is referred to as an email signature. Besides containing your name and position, it’s a part of your brand’s image and details. Since it helps to establish your corporate identity and brand marketing. The recipient of the mail is provided with your company details for easy recognition.

Let’s consider some email signature statistics from a survey of over 700 million emails. From these emails, only 52% of them had email signatures. In terms of the details included, 70% of the senders added their names.

Then 58% inserted an organization or brand, and 75% added at least one contact information. While landline phone numbers were the highest at 60%, social media contacts were barely used. Twitter links had 7%, Facebook had 3%, Instagram and LinkedIn had 2%.

These stats show how underutilized email signatures are, even though it’s a valuable tool. Still, wondering why you need to set an email signature? Here are seven reasons why you should have yours.

1. Email Signature Easily Exert Professionalism

Imagine receiving two unsolicited emails from different brands requesting you to connect. One is written in plain text and with a simple first name sign-off.

While the other one ends with name, contact details, and photo or logo. The later email is bound to look more professional and trustworthy. It sends the right message to the recipients. And it shows them you have put in thought and effort to provide such information.

2. Email Signature Makes It Easier For The Receiver To Contact You

Adding your contact details to the email makes it easier for the receiver to contact you. It’s a convenient way to provide your customers with all the necessary information in one place.

Enclosing such details means there is no way your customer won’t know how to reach you. Website, phone, or address, they should have your information at their fingertips. Also, since it’s an automated process, you’ll need to ensure that the details are always correct and up-to-date.

3. Email Signature Can Bring New Followers On Your Social Platforms

Another reason to put your signature on email is the leverage to reach more people. What is a better way than including your social handles to your email signature? When you link your company’s social media profiles, it promotes them.

Your mail receivers will also find it useful if they want to explore more about your brand.

Thus, proving a secure link to your social profiles can increase the likes, followership, and comments. And it can also foster more customer engagement.

4. Email Signature Gives More Recognition To Your Brand And Logo

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An email signature is a highly useful branding tool for your business. When you insert your logo, it helps improve your brand awareness among receivers. Being that your email signature comes up in every conversation, it registers in their minds.

When adding your logo to your signature on email, keep it neat and straightforward. A cluttered email signature can overwhelm your recipient. And rather than recognize your brand, they pass on without taking any action.

5. Email Signature Enhances Your Brand Personality

When creating your email signature, you have room to select a design that suits you most. You can present your digital business card and personality at the same time.

More companies now understand the need to engage customers on a personal level. Only ending an electronic copy of your signature won’t cut it. Thus, signature emails have proven to do the trick. I recall reaching out to a custom writing reviews site, Online Writers Rating. I was a bit sceptical about having a stranger write my research paper. After my initial inquiries online, I was assigned a writer.

Once I received an email from my assigned professional writer, I felt more at ease. Why? It contained relevant and precise details in her email signature. It gave me a glimpse of her organized and meticulous personality. And she instantly created a friendly and trustworthy image.

6. Email Signature is an Excellent Means To Promote Your Brand

Every good email signature must contain at least one Call-to-Action. With this, you can show your customers the next action you want them to take. The CTA button can request them to subscribe, link them to your website, blog, event, etc.

7. Email Signature Provides Quick Links To Things That Matter

There are some essential links you want your consumers to check out. Email signatures can enable you to achieve this quickly. By linking your business’s line, mail recipients can call you with a single tap. These links can also provide recipients with useful information like discounts and promos.

You can insert videos and images with links to the platforms you want them to open. Visuals are a guaranteed way to entice them to go on the full page.


Using an email signature when closing your email gives it a professional touch. The recipient gets the perception that they’re dealing with a reputable and established brand. It serves as a business card where all your information is made available to them.

Additionally, you get to promote precise aspects of your business to your customers. Remember that to have an active email signature; it needs to be unambiguous. And when in doubt, you can always hire the services of a professional email Service Company.

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