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6 Custom Stand Up Pouches Are Latest Packaging Trend For Food Products

The food packaging industry is always changing and evolving. Increasingly, there are new options for brands to use to help their products stand out.

Some of these more modern solutions offer significant advantages over conventional rigid plastic or cardboard packaging options. Mylar custom stands up pouches are the latest trend and for several good reasons.

1. High-Quality Branding

Perhaps the most significant advantage of using pouches is that they can be used for much higher-quality printing compared to other plastics. They accept high-definition printing that can create photo-like representations on product packaging.

This is ideal for visually appealing and eye-catching branding. It is helping brands to make their products stand out on the shelves. In the food market, standing out on the shelf is essential to success. Digital printing on pouches can deliver that advantage.

2. Pack Flat For Storage And Transportation

Another substantial advantage of mylar pouches is that they can pack flat. Compared to rigid plastic, glass and other materials, these flexible packages allow for flat packing. This can create some excellent cost-saving opportunities.

Most significantly, these pouches can be transported at a fraction of the cost of rigid jars or pots. They can be more than ten times smaller than their rigid counterparts. This means major savings in terms of transportation and also storage.

3. Resealable

Mylar pouches can be equipped with resealable openings. This makes them ideal for food products that can spoil or go stale.

For example, many snack foods may be eaten over multiple sitting but start to deteriorate once they have been exposed to air. Resealable packages help to solve this issue.

This is also valuable for products that can get messy in an unsealed package. For example, powders need a resealable package to avoid spills. The same is true for coffee beans, loose tea and similar products.

4. Odor-Resistant

Some food products are odorous. They may be pleasant to eat but they are not so pleasant to have lying around the kitchen. For example, strong cheese products and pickled vegetables can be very strong smelling.

The right packaging is essential. Smell proof mylar bags can offer brands a way to package products without harming the consumer experience.

Strong smells can be a way to turn off consumers who like the smell but don’t want the smell around their homes. Mylar bags are the solution.

5. Sturdy For Liquid And Frozen Products

Many food products are either liquid or need to be frozen. Both of these conditions can damage other types of packaging. However, plastic pouches are more than capable of handling these types of applications.

Sustainable frozen food packaging lets brands provide superior packaging for frozen items. Additionally, sustainable material choices can help make these products more appealing to increasingly eco-conscious consumers.

6. Learn More Today

Discover more about the benefits of custom stand up pouches. For many businesses, these are the ultimate option for packaging.

They can increase visibility, decrease costs and offer may valuable features that consumers want. Of course, every food product brand’s needs are different. The best way to determine if this is right for your business is to request a sample.

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