Parental Control Router

Why You Need A Parental Control Router

Back in the day, parents had to be concerned about adult material popping up in movies, television programs, and music albums that their children were exposed to.

Concerned mothers and fathers had to rely on a content rating system for movies, written warnings before a television show started, or a parental advisory sticker on a physical album.

Now with the internet, there is literally a world wide web of written, visual and audio information that can be way too inappropriate for kids.

These sources of entertainment are being consumed at home and not in physical spaces with a staff whose job it is to enforce age restrictions.

Video streaming websites and social media channels can become very scary places for a child to not only see explicit content but to even come into direct contact with dangerous people that have the worst intentions.

Unfortunately, no parent or caregiver has the time or the ability to constantly witness what their kids are seeing when they are surfing websites.

But you still have the opportunity to put limitations on the imagery your youngsters have access to by understanding why you need a parental control router.

1. Definition of a parental control router

Routers create a network between the computers and internet-connected devices in your home to your Wi-Fi signal, forwarding the traffic between your computer and the internet.

With parental control routers, parents have the ability to put pre-planned limitations on their children’s internet usage and make decisions in real-time.

Instead of having the web completely wide open to impressionable children to see wild things online that might scar them for life, parental control routers put moms and dads in the driver’s seats of their kid’s internet experiences.

2. Restrict inappropriate websites router

Parental control routers offer the ability to restrict access to particular websites with extreme content that you feel that your minors shouldn’t be seeing.

But don’t worry; these restrictions will not prevent you as the adult from having access to these mature websites yourself.

With the vast amount of readily available pornography websites online, you wouldn’t want to accidentally have them be the way that your child gets familiar with sexuality.

Inhumane acts of violence and death are also constantly uploaded to the internet, images that even adults would be completely repulsed by.

With the right parental control router in place, you can implement proper screen time management for each digital device that has online capabilities. This will give you input into the browsing history that your children have established.

There is even the ability to filter YouTube videos that young people are coming across when they are looking around for specific types of videos.

You will have the peace of mind that you need to sleep better at night, knowing that your kids are doing safe searches on their individual web browsers when you are not around.

3. Set separate internet profiles

Not every member of your family needs to have the same restrictions placed on their internet usage. You can set up individual internet profiles based on their ages and what level of access is appropriate for them to have.

4. Track your child’s device

Imagine an awful situation arising and your child goes missing, or you are unable to contact them directly. You can use parental controls to track down your kids’ location or if they misplace their device and you are trying to find it.

5. Create scheduled times for online use

Setting up online usage schedules is a parental control setting that is an option for placing limitations on website surfing. You get to decide when to turn on and turn off your internet connection to your various devices each day.

Scheduling online use helps to get your kids on a fixed daily routine to prevent them from using the internet after a certain time, such as when they are supposed to be sleeping.

This makes it easier for parents to establish parameters for online gaming, chatting, and entertainment when a parent might be at work and has a babysitter at home with their kids.

Parental control routers also push kids to spend more time offline and interacting in the real world, spending precious family time, getting homework assignments completed, or playing with friends.

The bottom line is that when your children are in your presence or they are not, putting proper parental control router protection in place creates a barrier between them and images that they aren’t mature enough to see yet.

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