Perfect Size Dining Room

How To Choose Perfect Size Dining Room Chandeliers With Hanging Tips

A chandelier not only offers light for dining and entertaining but also contributes to the overall atmosphere of the space. Because you don’t want to leave any of your visitors sitting in the dark, you should get a table that’s large enough to wash the entire table. These guidelines on picking the correct chandelier size for your dining area and hanging it correctly are here for you.

Right Size Of A Chandelier To Put In The Dining Room

If you know the dimensions of the space, you may determine the size of the chandelier by simply adding the two numbers and then converting the result to inches. When working in inches, the diameter of the fixture should equal the answer. For a fixture that is 24″ in diameter, your room should be 10′ x 14′.

Tips To Hang A Chandelier Properly

Regardless of the context, it is important to provide a setting that looks well. This includes things like rooms, people, house furnishings, and personal belongings. In order to get the best possible effect, it is critical to hang the chandelier in the right position and at the proper height.

To correctly arrange a chandelier in a dining room, place it in the center of the dining table and ensure the space dimensions are correct.

As people could stumble into it when standing up, steer clear of chandeliers that are wider than the width of your table. In general, it is advised that chandeliers should be 12 inches narrower than the table. Additionally, they should have at least 48 inches of clearance from the walls or boundaries of the room.

  • For an 8-foot ceiling, hang a chandelier 30 to 34 inches over the table. Raise the chandelier an additional 3 inches every foot of the ceiling if the ceiling is above 8 feet tall.
  • Consider the possibility that a chandelier located over a person’s head, illuminating their face directly, could generate unsightly facial shadows. Upward-facing lamps can also heat your workspace uncomfortably.
  • Avoid lamps with high wattage. They will raise the heat, resulting in excessive glare on the table.
  • To assist you in better manage the light, try adding shades to chandelier candelabra bulbs or installing a wall dimmer.
  • In a lobby setting, chandeliers might be higher or wider to better fill a space while appearing less cramped. Additionally, there should be a minimum of 6 1/2 feet of clearance between the floor and your installation.
  • Kitchen islands and dinette tables require a unique approach when it comes to pendant chandeliers. Pendant positioning can vary, depending on the arrangement and number of the pieces. Pendant positioning may be anywhere between 30″ and 34″ inches above the surface of the table.
  • You may dress up the chain of a chandelier by using a narrow fabric sleeve to cover it. A collected effect can be achieved if the fabric is three times longer than the chain. A beautiful look for the holidays!

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