The 5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Tools

Did you receive a hang-up call or a threatening message? Maybe you are connecting with someone you met online and want to verify they are who they claim to be.

Many situations can leave you wondering who just called you or someone’s real identity. When you need to reverse search a phone number, a basic Google search can leave you disappointed and frustrated.

However, here is a more effective way to find out the truth. By using a high tech reverse phone number lookup, you will be provided with past or current names associated with the phone number.

You can use the information you discover in conjunction with the name, address, and more, to find out other details.

These are the best reverse phone lookups available:

1. Social Catfish

Social Catfish

Social Catfish specializes in the underbelly of social media. This means that they try and link people’s names, phone numbers, usernames, photographs, and email addresses to their social media network accounts.

The results, according to the site, can “shock you”. They even offer a disclaimer in case the results link you to content you might not expect.

A reverse phone search will give you line type, carrier, email addresses, usernames, social profiles, relationships, images, names, and addresses.

One of the benefits of Social Catfish is that the number of results for each category is shown before you pay.

This means that you can decide whether you want to continue with the search or not. If you search by phone with Social Catfish’s 5-day trial, you can also search name, username, email, etc.


2. 411


Remember calling 411 from your home phone and giving them business or name to search? That was back in the “old days” before each of us had a search engine in the palm of our hand (via our smartphone).

However, the website has its reverse phone search. A free search will give you general information like city, original phone carrier, owner’s name, and fraud risk.


3. Whoscall


If you’re a person who prefers apps to websites, Whoscall is available on Google Play and in the Apple Store.

Whoscall differs from sites like Social Catfish, which inks the caller’s identity to other online accounts.

Instead, on Whoscall, you can discover who reported the number and if it is in good standing, etc. This can help alert you to robocalls before you call back.


4. Spokeo

With Spokeo you receive a name, address, location, family members, address history, phone type, and carrier.

You receive a special offer for a trial membership, but an actual phone report has additional costs.


5. Intelius

Like the other sites, Intelius searches for a phone number and provides results for the owner’s age, name, address, relatives, historical locations, and phone carrier.

These searches can give you more information about who has been calling you. Reverse phone lookups can be used before you meet a future employer, date, or online friend or love. Their algorithm fueled search can take power out of a robocallers hands!

The best thing about having a high powered lookup available through websites like Social Catfish is that you no longer have to wonder if you’re getting the latest information.

Stop wondering, start searching! Social Catfish’s phone lookup catches catfish, cybercriminals, and scammers on the daily!

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