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5 Examples Why Education Is A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Educational content marketing strategy is taking the advertising community by storm. From someone who works as a paper writer who uses a blog to successful corporations, marketing through education targets a wider audience.

Just think of how many times you have looked up something on Google or another search engine in your lifetime. Educational content marketing exists to appease these people who are asking questions and looking for a little more information.

1. Brand Recognition: Renasant Bank

Content Marketing Strategy

Renasant Bank is a regional bank based in Mississippi. For years, they have offered support to the local universities and even host a financial literacy class. The financial literacy classes prove that the bank is involved in the community.

The bank took this one step further in 2017 when they aired a show on the local PBS channel. Executives talked with students at the college about their business plans. Then, they helped them see the flaws in their plans and which parts were good, so students have a more practical business plan laid out should they choose to start their own business.


2. Creating Authority: Widen University

Widen University opened the doors to its online school in 2014, offering courses on complex topics like analytics, governance, and metadata. They work with businesses who are looking to employ new strategies or train their employees.

Widen Unversity condenses a lot of research that clients would have to do otherwise to learn these strategies. After just a few days, people can take what they learned back to their place of business.

By creating this strong connection that goes deeper than just education, it offers a great experience. It has also allowed Widen University to create a sense of authority with their brand. This sense of authority lets potential clients know that the paid courses are a worthwhile investment.


3. Gaining Trust: Paper Written

Content Marketing Strategy

Trust is important in business. When you are trying to sell a product or service, you want people to feel confident you know what you are offering. You can go to any blog right now and see what a company has to offer its potential clients. By relaying information, companies share ‘insider secrets’ and boost the amount of trust.

Think about the way that a company like Paper Written, who has paper writer services, would market their content. They would appeal to students looking for more information on various topics.

Anyone can create a blog that appeals to their target audience. By showing that you know what you are talking about, you create a bond of trust that makes it more likely that someone will visit your blog again in the future.


4. B2B Marketing: Lexis Nexis

Lexis Nexis is a company that helps with business law, including how to market business law to clients. They also offer software that improves the management and marketing of a business law firm.

On their blog, they offer a featured piece each Friday that shares information about how law blogs can successfully market themselves. This does two things. First, it shows that they have the education and authority to speak on business law topics. Second, it gives them a platform to sell their services to their target market.


5. Lead Generation: Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is a company offering natural solutions for their client’s homes, such as body products, cleaning products, and supplements. They educate customers on the potentially harmful ingredients in their cleaning products and send a wholesome message.

After signing up, you receive a large basket of free items with your first purchase. This free gift makes people feel they must reciprocate, so they are more likely to sign up for the blog. By providing information to their clients, Grove Collaborative can create leads on people who may be interested in their products in the future.

Whether you are a small business, paper writer, or provide some other service, it can be tremendously helpful to offer educational insight.

Whether you provide eBooks, write a blog, offer a class, or use some other strategy, the possibilities for educational content marketing are endless. They are also a powerful content marketing strategy, letting you generate leads, market to other businesses, and establish things like trust, authority, and brand recognition.

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