PowerPoint Templates For Marketing Presentations

Top 10 PowerPoint Templates For Marketing Presentations

The Marketing world is all about the top sale of products and services, cut-throat competition, and reinforcing the branding image in the eyes of clients and stakeholders.

An intuitive and creative PowerPoint Presentation corresponding to the brand’s aesthetic is your key to make your product a success which resonates with your investors.

With SlideModel’s professionally tailored templates catering to the marketing niche, you have the opportunity to design your inventive presentation.

Their custom-made presentation decks can help your targeted audience to understand the core of your presentation. This digital platform will make your product shine in your presentation.

With 30,000 PowerPoint presentations being pitched day-to-day in the corporate world, your presentation demands to stand out.

SlideModel is your one-stop-destination for avant-garde marketing presentation templates. It hosts 20,000+ eclectic slide decks with 100% customization.

Simply scroll through stellar and designer templates and import your favourite one in your presentation. Their fresh catalogue of designs has superior visualisations, animations, graphs, charts, timelines, and diagrams.

SlideModel.com templates are 100% editable and fully compatible with various cloud-based software like Google Slides and KeyNote. Their state-of-the-art templates will infuse your presentation with a kick.

Here are the top 10 PowerPoint templates for Marketing Presentation:

1. Inbound Marketing Template

Inbound Marketing is about engaging, attracting and delighting the potential customers down the marketing funnel through SEO, blogs, social media etc.

With SlideModel’s inbound marketing template you can create presentations incorporating metrics, KPI monitor and marketing strategies to impress the clients.

The template integrates key features like customer touchpoints, marketing competition strategy, integrated market strategy and its ROI, inbound marketing interaction and much more.

2. Content Marketing Template

With Content Marketing templates envision and execute the perfect marketing strategy for your product.

Form strategy checklists, funnel diagrams, timeline charts, tables and chronological step processes with appealing visuals.

Forgo the trend of pushing the products to your clients rather pull them towards investing in it with this template.

Outline your unique selling proposition, create business matrix on the purchase patterns, utilize slides with market study and evaluation.

3. Marketing Word Cloud Picture Template

When you begin with your presentation, the first slide that your audience sees is your landing page. A word cloud related to your product can create powerful visual ripples on the minds of your target audience. SlideModel has just the perfect template for this purpose.

Insert relevant keywords with fonts, colours and size of your choice echoing with your brand, customers, strategy and optimize your slides with word clouds. Word clouds give your audience the opportunity to easily evaluate your branding identity.

4. Marketing Strategy Diagram Template

When presenting a marketing strategy, a text-heavy template is likely to make your audience doze off during the presentation.

With a diagram template, indulge your clients with personalized step processes and circle diagrams to reflect your core strategy of selling the product.

You can even constitute data about the previous, current and future market strategies by comparing and contrasting them side by side. Inculcate your presentations with the graphical charm of diagram templates from SlideModel.

5. Market Research Diagram Template

Market research is a crucial aspect of the organization before introducing their product.

Present your qualitative and quantitative research findings including survey polls, sampling, deductive reasoning, data collection in an invigorating way with steps and circular designs.

Visually entice your audience with vibrant pie diagrams, charts, graphs and infographics while giving out information about your profits, target audience, and competitors. Graphically demonstrate your customer’s needs with this template.

6. Sales Pitch Presentation Template

When pitching a new product to your investors, your initial sales pitch sets the precedence for your brand. Modern marketing tactics require you to be on your A-game.

With a customized sales pitch template, compile the prime points of your product starting with its budgeting, customer research, target market, potential sales objections, call to action steps among others.

Manifest your slides with auto explanatory brochures with this pitch deck in SlideModel and impress the investors with your creativity.

7. Voice Of Customer Template

Efficient marketing plans are formed keeping the customers in mind. With this unique voice of customer template on SlideModel, use visually attractive shapes to report the customer experiences and hassles back to your management.

These slides are instilled with process flow charts, timelines, chevron diagrams to present the customer feedback and requirements.

This template incorporates a megaphone clipart with infographics, horizontal process-flow chart, Venn diagrams etc. to customize the customer experience.

8. Marketing 7C Compass Model Template

This Marketing 7c Compass template at SlideModel will take your presentation to the next level. With this marketing model focus on the sale chain, economic survey of the market, consumer needs, and strategies.

The template focuses on 7C approaches including cost, corporation, consumer, commodity, communication, channel, circumstances and confidence.

You can personalise the slide as per your requirement. In this Business to Consumer (B2C) world, consumer-oriented marketing is the new trend.

9. Segmentation Targeting and Positioning (STP) Template

Using traditional text to highlight your STP analysis may risk you losing your audience with monotony. With SlideModel’s STP template you have the golden chance of blending your presentation with alluring graphics and iconic representations.

Segment the customer easily, target your marketing audience and position your execution strategy with this template. You can customize the colour scheme, choose fonts, size and edit it accordingly to suit your needs.

10. Data-Driven Analysis Template

When working with tedious data and statistics, priority should be given to the visual representation of it as it leaves an indelible mark on the clients and investors.

Incorporate this slide deck in your marketing presentation containing easy to understand yet captivating charts and graphics.

With this template, your complex marketing metrics and analysis can be visualised in an eye-catching form with bright colours and customizations. Charts have never been so easy to comprehend by the audience with this template.

It is imperative in modern-day marketing to make your campaign success with a powerful PowerPoint presentation. Stock presentations with low visual appeal decrease your chances of successfully introducing your product to the clients.

A visually fascinating and professionally prepared PowerPoint presentation is a must to have a strong branding message which reverberates with your investors.

SlideModel’s top-notch customer support and designer templates can pave your way to a successful marketing strategy.

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