8 Reasons to Send Flowers—Special Occasion or Not

8 Reasons To Send Flowers—Special Occasion or Not

Over 250 million roses are grown and cultivated for Valentine’s Day each year. These stats are proof that the flower industry is big business the world over—including Australia. We’re certain when it comes to flower delivery Melbourne florists can attest to this.

Most people purchase flowers for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. And by most people we mean men. Because let’s face it: women are usually the recipients. Numbers show that about 75% of flower purchasers are men!

But we’re here to explain why you don’t have to wait for special occasions to send flowers to people you care about. Or leave it to men to do the buying. Sending flowers is the easiest way to show someone that he or she is on your mind.

As an Expression of Your Love

Sending flowers can be done to express your love. You don’t have to necessarily be romantically involved with the receiver. It could be your parent, sister or friend.

Sure, you might tell your loved ones that you love them. But as the old adage goes, actions definitely speak louder than words!

Make Someone Feel Special

Do you want to make someone you care about feel special? Receiving random flowers when it’s not your birthday or anniversary is priceless and will definitely put a smile on someone’s face.

Go the extra mile by researching their favourite type of flowers. Is it roses, lilies or daisies? Your thoughtfulness won’t go unnoticed and the gesture will certainly make him or her feel extra special.

To Convey a Message

Sometimes you simply want to let a person know how much he or she means to you. It could be that crush you want to notice you. Or simply a person you admire. What better way to do so than by sending flowers?

As you know, different flowers have different meanings. In fact, flowers are considered a universal symbolic language. And almost every sentiment can be expressed depending on the type and colour of flower you pick. Here are a few examples of different flowers and what they symbolise:

  • Orange blossom symbolises purity and loveliness
  • Red roses mean “I love you” or generally symbolise devotion
  • Apple blossom symbolises preference
  • Rosemary signifies remembrance
  • Tulips symbolise passion
  • The list goes on.

Align your flower choice with the exact message you want to convey to the intended recipient. Take it a step further and include a card. Write a short and sweet message to reinforce the meaning of the flowers.

To Celebrate Someone

You can give a person flowers to celebrate him or her. Yes, mostly we give people flowers to celebrate special days such as birthdays and wedding days. But there are countless other milestones in life that call for a celebration such as the following:

  • Graduation
  • Promotion at work
  • Buying a new house or car
  • Adopting a child
  • Retirement
  • Going away and leaving on a new adventure

Life is a series of small and big milestones. Show the people in your life that you celebrate them every step of the way.

To Cheer Someone Up

In a perfect world, sending flowers would only be associated with celebrations and joyous occasions. But the reality is life throws its fair share of trials at you. Is the person you care about going through a rough patch? Maybe he or she has lost a job, favourite pet or house. A simple gesture such as sending beautiful flowers is enough to cheer him or her up.

Even if the euphoria is momentary, the fact remains, you’ve made them smile. Sending flowers to people during tough phases of their lives is reassurance that you’re thinking of them and they aren’t alone.

To Apologise

Sometimes we unintentionally hurt the people we care about. In some cases, the hurt is too deep so the person won’t even want to speak to you. Trying to find the right words to apologise can be difficult. And maybe, the words “I’m sorry” might seem like they aren’t enough.

Reinforce your apology by sending flowers. Who knows? This might just be the gesture you need to open up lines of communication again.

To Show Sympathy

Has someone you care about lost a loved one? Consoling a person who has lost a loved one isn’t the easiest of tasks for some people. Again, finding the right words to say can be difficult.

Send flowers to give them and their family hope. Flowers are the perfect symbol to show your love and support.

To Show Kindness

As mentioned earlier, people go through challenging seasons in their lives. It’s often said that you should treat the next person with kindness because you don’t know what they’re going through. A smile goes a long way—so does sending flowers.

You don’t have to always buy flowers only for people you know. It’s called “random acts of kindness”. You never know; that bouquet of flowers might give someone the will to live.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to buy that special person in your life flowers. So, why not place your order today and brighten someone’s day!

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