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Insights On How To Fine Tune Your Salesforce Data Backup Strategy

Data is the backbone of any business, and when it comes to Salesforce-based business management, data takes a decisive role. Without data, the business processes cannot function, and the teams cannot perform as desired.

Irrespective of the industry, no business can now succeed without data. Any data loss or corruption may end up in big disruption, so it is essential to ensure the retrievability and integrity of data at any given point in time.

For guaranteed success, data should be kept secured and also backed up. With a reliable and time-critical data restoration process, you will be able to get back any data lost. This article will discuss the criticality of data backup and restoration and the strategies to adopt for the same.

Backing Up Salesforce Data And Metadata

From the individual records to complete repositories, data is always in motion and also at risk. Admins can always make a mistake by accidentally deleting or overwrite the data, or the developers may push a block of codes which may cause unintended consequences.

Even Salesforce may experience some failures and outages. Many people think that data on the cloud is safe, but this can be accidentally or intentionally deleted or damaged.

So, the only way to protect your data and prevent any data disaster is to have a proactive data backup and restoration plan in place.

Keeping the backups and maintaining a reliable restoration protocol can guarantee you a smooth business run even in case of any data-related risks.

There are various approaches and tools for data backup and restoration, and any such tool you choose may need to ensure regularity, data testing, and comprehensive coverage.

Ensuring Data Security

Data should be kept secured always and to be left in safe hands. From the data security standpoint, most of the companies will have their standalone policies to protect the most sensitive data and in place also to keep it confidential to the desired level.

Considering it from the regulatory perspective, many compliance needs are mandated by law, and the business regulatory is authorized internally and externally. Most of the businesses may be covered under CCPA, GDPR, or other mandatory data privacy regulations.

Data security is one of the most important backup strategies which complement each other. Addressing the existing major questions around your data hosting and who has access to data is very important.

It is also mandatory to ensure compliance with the data regulation and have a guided strategy while dealing with data-related risks.

While you adopt a tool for Salesforce data backup and metadata, one should ensure that it adheres to all the security standards and the existing requirements.

There are many data backup tools like Gearset, which are ISO certified and help to ensure complicate data protection and privacy regulations. These tools for salesforce data backup are available at the AppExchange app marketplace for any time download.

Restoring Data After A Potential Loss

Along with the data backup, it is also essential to have a restoration strategy in place, which will help orgs survive and run on in case of any data disaster. Suppose you experience any data corruption or data loss.

In that case, you can fully restore the data with a single click of the button. It will make all the difference in terms of the ability of your team to avoid any adverse business-critical situations.

After any loss, the restoration of key data may be stressful; however, you should make sure that your process is not creating any additional pressure. For this, it is important to have a proper recovery plan to mitigate this risk.

Another important method to remove any stress from the data-related situation is to regularly test the backup and recovery. It will also highlight any potential flaws in their approach and give your team an excellent experience if there is any need.

Let’s further discuss some of the most common data recovery services to have clear picture about it.

Salesforce Data Recovery Service

Salesforce Data Recovery service is a paid option by the provider, which was once terminated in July 2020 and reinstated in March 2021.

This was previously called the Data Restoration service, which was one of the legacy services of Salesforce that can recover any customer data from any point in the past.

If you don’t have any reliable process in backing up and restoring your data, it is a big risk you are taking as an organization.

If anything adverse happens to your enterprise system, and the data is lost, you are losing everything valuable to run the business. Salesforce Data Recovery is the only option left for you to go for in such a situation.

As Salesforce spokesperson says about it, “Data Recovery Services is considered as the last resort of the users with which the can support to recover your data to a specific past instance in case if the data gets deleted permanently.” This process may take about six to eight weeks to accomplish. The cost of this process may be 10000 US dollars.”

Other Options That You Have

Weekly data export – Salesforce also offers a manual process for weekly backup of data. This Weekly Export option has some constraints as it is a completely manual process and needs a lot of work. It also doesn’t offer complete data protection.

Third-party tools – Salesforce also promotes third-party tools to avoid any instance of a complete loss. There are many partner solutions available, which will avoid data loss risks and don’t have any shortfalls as in the above cases of weekly data exports and salesforce backup services.

This third-party data backup and restoration tools are available at the AppExchange app marketplace. You can find many of them coming with different features, both free and premium. By understanding your actual needs against the features and options provided the third-party data management apps; you can easily compare them to identify the best possible options for you and make the best use of it.

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