Sanitizing UV Wands

Sanitizing UV Wands: Do They Truly Work?

There is a lot of information regarding UV-C lighting benefits in several applications. However, UV products like portable UV wands, or handheld UV wands work in specific ways.

For instance, handheld UV lights clean cellphones, disinfects space efficiently, kills numerous viruses and bacteria. It also cleans airplane seatback trays and more.

So, does UV wand work?

1. UV Wands Functionality

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), has several lamps and fixture types. UV light wands are known online with many people searching them daily on the internet.

However, the way they disinfect is different from how healthcare-fixtures and units’ function. Commercial fixtures, as well as mobile units, offer germicidal UV-C light, which destroys 99% of pathogens.

2. Do you need to purchase a UV sanitizing wand?

In this time of the desperate search for COVID-19 cures, many are using strategies to help them survive and remain safe from the virus. Anything that will offer a real solution is worth trying.

This is why UV wand sanitizer is popular and widely searched online due to its assurance of killing germs easily through ultraviolet radiation. Although some trust the sun as the method of disinfecting germs, UV wands, soap, and water work perfectly.

3. What does UV light do?

UV light is electromagnetic radiation responsible for destroying viruses and bacteria. For instance, a specific subtype of UV light known as UV-C is responsible for destroying viruses and bacteria through disrupting their DNA/RNA, which blocks them from replicating.

This is why hospitals are using large UV lamps to disinfect rooms, especially during this time of a pandemic.

4. UV light as a disinfectant

Any product which disinfects the hospital may not be good for your home. For instance, certain issues can arise when cleaning your home using a UV wand. UV-C radiation isn’t so useful, especially if you stay in an empty room.

UV-C light works better on flat surfaces. Also, some germs aren’t affected by the UV-C light. A UV wand covers small surface areas; therefore, it will take you some time to sterilize the entire room.

But when it comes to sterilizing surfaces to destroy coronavirus, you wouldn’t know how long it will take to kill the virus. Instead, you may end up harming yourself in the process. Also, the UV wand should radiate 360 degrees to treat the whole room effectively.

5. Impact on your health

Using a UV wand to disinfect can cause health issues, especially to the skin is not handled properly. UV-C light is carcinogenic; hence, it can damage cell walls, bacteria membranes, proteins, and more.

Also, being carcinogenic means, it may cause cancer. Ultraviolet light also causes sunburns, therefore, there should be limits to eye exposure. However, the UV wand must be held by someone wearing a protective glass while using it.

Any device that can kill viruses or bacteria, is capable of harming you. Ensure you handle the device carefully when disinfecting.

Final Thoughts

There are many UV gadgets online and some get to the market illegally. This means they lack approval from health authorities.

FDA doesn’t deal with UV lights that don’t have medical claims, or UV-C containers encouraging you to store your cellphones inside. FDA is never involved in such forms of commercial claims.

Although a UV wand sanitizer is functional, it also has its advantages and disadvantages, like any other product.

If you are worried about how to kill viruses in your home, especially the coronavirus, get guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They will direct you on how to appropriately disinfect your home.

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