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10 Best Appointment Scheduling Software For Small Business

Appointment scheduling software helps small businesses save time, improve customer experience, increase efficiency, and grow their business.

Small businesses need appointment scheduling software for several reasons:

  • Time-saving: Automated scheduling saves time and reduces the manual effort involved in scheduling appointments. This frees up valuable time that can be used for other important tasks.
  • Improved customer experience: With appointment scheduling software, customers can easily schedule appointments online, receive reminders, and view their schedule in real-time, which enhances their overall experience.
  • Increased efficiency: Scheduling software helps eliminate the possibility of double-bookings and other scheduling conflicts, improving the overall efficiency of the business.
  • Better organization: The software helps to centralize appointment information, making it easier to manage and access. This can result in a more organized and streamlined scheduling process.
  • Accessibility: With cloud-based scheduling software, appointments can be scheduled and managed from anywhere, making it easier for businesses with multiple locations or remote workers.
  • Increased revenue: By streamlining the scheduling process, businesses can increase their availability, reduce missed appointments, and attract new customers, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

The appointment scheduling software can be used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, hospitality, and service-based businesses, to streamline scheduling processes and improve overall productivity. The features and functions of scheduling software vary depending on the specific product, but common features include calendar management, real-time updates, automated email and text reminders, and the ability to integrate with other business tools such as customer relationship management software.

Why Scheduling Software?

  • Staff efficiency improves through scheduling software: Managing customer work orders during peak hours can be difficult for service providers. They risk double-booking service orders if they don’t have the necessary software in place. Easy scheduling, single-touch rescheduling, and the ability to confirm service orders with consumers are all possible with scheduling software. 
  • Information is centralized: When a company’s personnel is dispersed over many sites, conveying employment schedules to employees can be difficult. Scheduling software collects data in one place and updates it in real time, allowing everyone to see up-to-date information and sending automated alarms in the event of schedule overlap.
  • Accountability and visibility improves:  Scheduling software promotes transparency by providing efficient schedules automatically. When possible, the programme also increases accountability by allowing staff to choose their own shifts.

10 Best Appointment Scheduling Software For Small Business

Choosing the right scheduling software for your small business depends on the specific needs and preferences of your business. Here are some of the best appointment scheduling software options for small businesses:

1. Calendly

Calendly has a user interface that is simple and intuitive, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. This appointment scheduling software enables organizations to improve service quality, boost sales, and save money all at the same time. Calendly also eliminates the need to plan appointments, calls, interviews, and demos manually, among other things.


  • Calendly’s user interface is simple to use, so even non-technical individuals may utilize it effectively.
  • When a client or colleague selects a date, the calendar is automatically updated.
  • It integrates seamlessly with Office 365, Google, and Outlook.
  • To avoid conflicts and multiple appointments, it double-checks all calendars.
  • Custom reminders and confirmation capabilities allow users to issue automated invites.
  • It works on all platforms, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It means that you can access the platform at any time and from any location.
  • The software allows the user to see if the team is accessible, as well as send out automated email reminders and follow-ups.
  • For webinars, classes, or workshops, several invitees can arrange similar times. Invitees can also make an appointment on the platform without having to register or sign up.
  • It also has excellent email assistance.

2. Acuity Scheduling

Users that need to access their availability in real-time and set appointments based on their pre-planned schedule can use Acuity Scheduling’s scheduling solutions. The software is well-known for its excellent functionality and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, it allows clients to conveniently track their daily routines and eliminate any confusion.


  • It enables the user to keep track of revenue based on the data of both unpaid and paid appointments. No-shows can be flagged, and a record of fulfillment and hours supplied every appointment can be kept.
  • It has simple modification possibilities to satisfy a variety of needs.
  • Acuity Scheduling allows you to share your schedule on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It can also be emailed or put on a website so that users can schedule their own appointments.
  • It protects consumer data from beginning to end on both online and mobile devices.
  • It enables safe online purchases with PayPal and Stripe, among other options.
  • It integrates with Squarespace, iCal, and Zapier with ease.

3. GReminders

GReminders lets your clients plan Zoom Meetings on your Google, Outlook, or Office 365 Calendar, as well as send email, SMS, and voice reminders to participants. Getting rid of all the back-and-forth that goes into scheduling a meeting. Allow customers to cancel or reschedule meetings on their own. The system may then send automated Reminder Text / appointment confirmation text to your clients, ensuring that they show up and eliminating no shows. You can also send follow-up communications, such as requests for reviews or follow-up sessions. The system complies with HIPAA and FedRamp requirements.

Automated scheduling software, GReminders may automatically draw in Registrants and send Reminders to Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar clients who use Registration. Make sure these meetings are scheduled in your Google or Outlook calendar.


  • Send Appointment Reminders minutes, hours, or days ahead of time.
  • Send a message after your appointment, Request reviews or make a new appointment.
  • Initial Booking Notifications are sent
  • Compatible with your current calendars
  • No-shows are eliminated.
  • Stop wasting time by automating the rescheduling process.
  • Adapt Your Notifications
  • 100% of the time and it works in the background.

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4. Find My Shift

Findmyshift is a cloud-based employee scheduling software that may be used to create employee schedules, track labour expenditures, manage shift requests (including timesheets and spreadsheets), and effectively communicate with employees. Findmyshift is also a useful tool for controlling labour costs.


  • Easily keep track of all of your employees in one spot.
  • Create and schedule tasks from anywhere using any web browser, then quickly share them with employees.
  • It provides a free one-month trial with full premium features.
  • Track staff work hours and schedules with its time clock scheduling tool. There is no charge for using this scheduling tool.
  • To keep employees connected on the go, Findmyshift offers extremely functioning Android and iOS apps. 
  • Employee schedules may be simply created by teams of up to five persons using free employee scheduling software. Text messages, emails, and push notifications can all be used to send notifications and messages to employees.
  • In one dashboard, you can send automated shift reminders and schedule shifts.
  • Use its clever pay rate computation to appropriately pay hourly employees with varying rates.
  • Automated backups protect all data in the cloud.

5. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 has powerful and collaborative capabilities that automate scheduling systems to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Messages, files, emails, contacts, tasks, and projects, to name a few, may all be simply managed with it.

  • Businesses can use the Activity Stream to collaborate efficiently under one roof and keep track of all tasks.
  • Its premium cloud-hosted subscription works on any device, including tablets and smartphones.
  • It can also be used to gain access to source codes, acquire additional tools, and manage data.
  • Bitrix24 makes it simple to organize activities, projects, information, and tasks.
  • This software also allows users to upload and share files with other users.
  • Intranet services such as discussions, wikis, files, email notifications, tasks, and photo galleries can help businesses handle internal and external communication more effectively.
  • It provides phone and online customer service.

6. SuperSaaS

Appointment scheduling services are available through SuperSaaS for any sort of organization. This highly adaptable software can be used for a variety of tasks, including one-on-one scheduling, reservations and rentals, group scheduling, and service appointment booking. The best thing is that it works with a variety of third-party programmes and has a simple user interface. 

  • With a ‘Book Now’ button, it integrates seamlessly with the website and Facebook. For businesses without a website or a Facebook account, it can also be used as a stand-alone appointment booking system.
  • The ability of SuperSaaS to send automated reminders via SMS and email helps to reduce the likelihood of late arrivals and no shows.
  • Customers can pay with Stripe, PayPal, or credit cards when using the tool.
  • It provides a highly scalable solution for developing enterprises, allowing them to accommodate a limitless number of users, staff employees, and other resources.
  • To eliminate conflicts and duplicate bookings, it easily syncs with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Zoom, and your phone calendar.
  • Users benefit from seamless interaction with iCal, which allows for real-time calendar adjustments.

7. Ganttic

Ganttic is an appointment scheduling software that can be a useful tool for small businesses. It is a cloud-based software that allows you to schedule appointments, manage resources, and monitor project progress.


  1. Schedule appointments: Ganttic allows you to schedule appointments for your business. You can set the date and time for each appointment, assign it to a staff member, and set reminders to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  2. Resource management: Ganttic lets you manage your business resources such as staff, equipment, and facilities. You can allocate these resources to specific projects and appointments to ensure that everything is used efficiently.
  3. Customizable view: Ganttic offers a customizable view that allows you to see your schedule in a way that makes sense to you. You can view your schedule by day, week, or month, and you can filter it by resource, project, or appointment.
  4. Collaboration: Ganttic allows you to collaborate with your team members, clients, and vendors. You can share your schedule with others, assign tasks, and set up notifications so everyone stays on the same page.
  5. Reports: Ganttic provides reports that help you analyze your business performance. You can see how your resources are being utilized, which appointments are most profitable, and which projects are behind schedule.

Overall, Ganttic can be a valuable tool for small businesses that need to manage appointments and resources efficiently. It offers a range of features that can help you streamline your operations and improve your business performance.

8. HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot’s meeting scheduling feature gives you a personalized booking link that you can share with others to see your availability and schedule meetings with you. When someone arranges a meeting, their contact information is automatically added to your calendar and synced with HubSpot CRM (the CRM is free-forever, for unlimited users).

HubSpot Meetings is part of HubSpot’s All-In-One WordPress plugin and connects with both Google Calendar and Office 365. You’ll get access to HubSpot’s free CRM, marketing, sales, and customer service tools, including email marketing automation, live chat, and forms, as well as HubSpot Academy, a free online instructional resource, when you sign up for HubSpot Meetings.


  • Customizable booking page and personalized booking link (headshot, logo, color palette)
  • Integration with Google or Office 365 Group Meetings allows prospects to plan time with many people in your company.
  • Before the meeting, use custom form questions to get more information about your contact.
  • Free All-In-One WordPress plugin has the feature of HubSpot.
  • Your calendar can be embedded on your website.

9. Setmore

Setmore provides sophisticated online scheduling solutions for individuals, small enterprises, organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

Payments, online booking, scheduling, and client engagement are just a few of the operations it can automate. Furthermore, the software is packed with simple administrative capabilities that improve workflow efficiency.

  • It works on any platform, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, giving you the freedom to use it from anywhere and at any time.
  • It includes text reminders and mobile scheduling to ensure that consumers don’t forget about their appointments.
  • Businesses can provide in-house workers access to manage user appointments.
  • It sends out SMS and email notifications for any appointments that are rescheduled or canceled.
  • Setmore allows customers to schedule appointments through social media networks such as Facebook. It provides for simple Facebook and website integration.
  • Businesses can use website widgets to speed up delivery times.
  • Its highly enhanced payment processing feature allows for speedier card transactions.

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10. Honeybook

HoneyBook is a world-class scheduling software that manages bookings, clients, and the sales and operational activities of an administrative back end.


  • When it comes to scheduling appointments, it is unrivaled. HoneyBook’s client interface is simple and easy to use, and it can be customized to fit your company’s website. 
  • It also syncs with your calendars for accurate and efficient scheduling.It then gathers client information, keeps track of appointment history, and maintains all correspondence in one easy-to-find location. 
  • You may also create very sophisticated workflows to give clients automated reminders and immediate confirmations, and you can use client events to trigger internal administrative activities.
  • Aside from its outstanding scheduling services, HoneyBook excels in a variety of areas. You can invoice clients electronically and track payments all from the app’s financial section. You can also make an immediate deposit into your account. HoneyBook offers credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers as payment methods.
  • HoneyBook allows you to create and save contracts, set up procedures, and personalize reporting from an operational aspect. You never lose information or context because each activity and ability is linked.
  • The onboarding procedure is comprehensive and beneficial. HoneyBook takes the time to set up your account so that it is consistent with your brand and simple to use. While the overall 

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