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5 Lesser-Known SEO Tricks

If your business has any kind of web presence, you’re probably already familiar with how SEO, or search engine optimization, works. That being said, with algorithms for major search engines like Google constantly evolving, it’s important to always be on the lookout for new ways to boost your SEO.

Especially with more business moving online due to COVID-19, e-commerce SEO has become increasingly important for many businesses. Here are five lesser-known SEO tricks and tips to keep in mind as you’re working to craft your next SEO marketing plan.

1. Use Infographics To Score More Backlinks.

If you have an incredibly useful infographic, the chances are high that it’s going to get picked up and embedded on other websites and blogs. This is because infographics are simple, visually-appealing pieces of content to include in a variety of platforms, especially the internet.

If you include the right metadata on your images and even consider a simple watermark or branding, this can greatly increase traffic to your website, ultimately boosting your page authority.

2. Ensure You’re Linking To High-DA Sites.

Just as it’s important to increase your own domain authority, it’s equally important to consider the ways in which you’re using high-DA sites in your own website linking. If you’re also linking to high-quality websites with great domain authority and page rank scores, this can help boost your own website’s performance in search engines.

While you don’t want to link to websites with very similar content to yours or competitors, picking websites that are .gov, .edu, or .org can really help you improve your user experience by giving them helpful information.

3. Set Up Google Alerts For Your Business.

Setting up Google alerts for your business can help you find out when you’re being talked about online. This is a valuable way to keep your ear to the digital ground and see what customers and news outlets have to say about your company and its brand. However, have you ever considered using this to do more than monitor your reputation?

If you see that another blog or website is mentioning your product or company, consider reaching out to them to see if they’ll link to your website. Many times, you’ll get mentioned online without this sort of linkage, which is low-hanging fruit when it comes to getting more websites to link to yours.

4. Use Emotional Titles When Possible.

Did you know that titles with punchy, emotional words and phrases can result in higher click-through-rates? This is super helpful if you have a great article that’s performing well and are interested in helping juice it up to perform even better.

For example, putting in phrases like “you deserve” or “you won’t believe,” while a bit hyperbolic, do result in more viewers taking a look at your piece. Especially if phrased in a way that flatters or appeals to the consumer on an emotional level—such as “Social Media Tips and Tricks You Deserve to Know”—can really add some oomph to your SEO.

5. Numbers In Titles Help Get Clicks!

Speaking of titles, did you know that adding numbers to your titles will also help you get more eyes on your webpage? The human brain naturally wants to know what’s on a list and compare the results to their own opinions, so numbers can really be eye-catching to include in the title of a new blog or post.

Studies have shown that while all numbers are helpful at increasing the click-through-rate of certain posts, odd-numbered titles are often some of the most effective. So, if you find yourself writing a listicle about four tips for planning a great vacation, consider going the extra mile and coming up with five instead.

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