Should Your Business Lab Test Their Products? The Ultimate Guide

Should Your Business Lab Test Their Products? The Ultimate Guide

Yikes! About 80% of small businesses fail.

For a lot of businesses, their failure comes within the first 18 months of starting. If you want your business to survive, you have to go above and beyond to wow your customers. One of the best ways to impress customers is by delivering a quality product, and a lab test is the best way to do that.

In this article, we’ll show you why outside laboratory testing is better than performing tests in-house. We’ll also help you understand exactly what you should look for when you’re choosing an outside lab. After all, you don’t want to trust the future of your company with just anyone.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of product testing.

Save Money With An Outside Lab

First, saving money is one of the biggest advantages you’ll enjoy by using an outside lab test. Lab equipment gets expensive fast, plus you’ll have to hire employees whose sole job is performing the tests. Whereas, when you use an outside lab, you’ll be sharing the cost of lab operations with other companies.

Next, you’ll also be able to save money since you won’t have to pay to obtain the right accreditations that your in-house lab would need. Instead, you can find an accredited 3rd party lab facility that can foot the bill for accreditation fees.

Lastly, testing your products in-house means paying for repairs, sterilization, and preventative maintenance. If something breaks, the total cost is on you. Whereas if you hire an outside lab, you’ll be able to focus on helping your company grow and thrive.

How Laboratory Testing Keeps Customers Happy

Product testing means you’ll be delivering quality products to customers, while also complying legally. During the product inspection portion of the tests, the laboratory will be able to ensure your product matches all of your client’s requests. Next, outside labs, like enumeration, can verify that your product is safe, and in compliance with legal regulations.

What To Look for In A Testing Company

Before you rush out and hire the first product testing lab, you’ll want to do a little bit of research. For instance, if you need chemical testing done, you’ll want to find a lab that specializes in that type of product testing. Next, make sure you’re value shopping, instead of price shopping. If a lab offers prices that seem too good to be true, they’re likely cutting corners in some way.

That’s not to say you should hire the most expensive lab either. Instead, find out exactly what services each lab offers, along with their turn around times so you can make fair price comparisons. Lastly, confidentiality is one of the most important criteria for product testing. When you tour potential laboratories, you shouldn’t see any type of competitor data or products.

Improve Your Product With A Lab Test

It’s easy to see how much your company can benefit by getting an outside lab test for all of your products. On top of saving time, and money, you’ll also be able to increase your customer retention.

Go ahead and start checking out labs today, and request a laboratory tour. Finally find out all of the services each lab offers, along with their costs, so you can make a sound financial decision. For more tips like the ones in this article, explore the rest of this site.

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