Why You Should Schedule A Skin Check Today

There is a lot to be said for preventative healthcare as a whole: it saves you time, money and health and you can do so many things every day that will keep you healthy for a long time.

There are a plethora of examinations you should be doing, and there often isn’t time to get through all of them regularly.

But Performing A Skin Exam Is One Of The More Important Ones, And Here’s Why:

1. You’ll Look Better


If for nothing else health-wise, everyone wants to look good and have a good skin complexion. Ultimately, every condition you might have on your skin stems from a health-related issue, even those of aesthetic nature, and can be caught and fixed without treatment.

Redness, acne, scarring, oily or dry skin, uneven tan and so many other issues can be fixed from within, instead of being covered with makeup. A dermatologist or an aesthetician will do a full examination of your skin and determine any issues that it might have.

You might not even know how good your skin can feel and look after a treatment because unless you’re trained, you can’t really spot all the subtle signs that tell you the state of your skin.

2. Good Habits


We really aren’t doing much to help our case when it comes to caring for our skin. We tan endlessly, go out without SPF on our face and in some part of the world even bleach our skin with all forms of chemicals. All of this is causing huge health problems, and melanoma cases are on a significant rise.

Every time you expose your skin to harmful effects, whether it’s tanning on the beach or injecting yourself with “miracle” skin-tanning injections, you are making a problem where there once wasn’t one.

If you really are set on getting a darker tan, spend time outside in the fresh air and sunshine, but only after you’ve applied a good amount of sunscreen with a high SPF.

And as far as skin bleaching goes – forget about it. It cannot only cause serious damage to your skin, but it’s also poisoning your entire body.


3. Catch Preventable Disease


Sometimes a birthmark is just a birthmark – but other times it’s not. Birthmarks and moles can easily metastasize into a tumor, and it’s why it’s important to regularly check your skin yourself. If you notice that you have a mole that hasn’t previously been there – go to a doctor and check it out immediately.

If one has changed shape or grown – go and have it checked. It might not be anything, but during your regular visit to the local aesthetic clinic, ask about it to get that load off your shoulders.

It’s a small sign that can warn you about something preventable that can be caught and dealt with before it causes damage. The same goes for melanoma – the most common form of skin cancer.


4. Find The Right Routine


One of the best things that will come out of a regular check-up is that you will get a recommendation for a skincare routine that is personalized to your skin.

If you go once and you are determined to have dry skin, you’ll be encouraged into high-moisture skincare, but if you don’t go again in a while, you won’t know whether you’re supposed to change the routine again, as your skin might have changed.

Once you find the right skincare routine that actually feeds and nourishes your skin from the inside, instead of attacking it and covering it up with makeup, you’ll see the benefits of proper examinations and skincare treatment.

So whether your main goal is to be healthy or to look good – you will have it both if you go to your regular skin check-ups. Skin is the biggest organ on our bodies, and issues with it should never be taken lightly, so do your part and let the doctors do theirs.

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