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4 Snow Blowers To Make Your Winters Easy

Waking up to the white blanket of snow looks straight out of the Disney movies unless you got to get to work or shop or anywhere out of the house. Snow-fall is romanticized so much that people do not notice the problems that follow. Even stepping out of the home becomes impossible. Dual stage snow blowers come to the rescue here. You can blow out the snow using it with minimum human effort. The size and the amount that it can do vary.

If you have a small apartment or garage, you need small equipment. If you need to blow out snow from a large area like a residential complex, you need a heavy device.

Snowblowers are a must to have an easy winter. However, it is not always possible to buy new machinery. There are lots of places to buy for the used snowblowers, like You can shop for the used ones on

We have compiled a list of 4 snow-blowers that will keep you relaxed throughout the winters:

1. Arien 522

If you need a snow thrower, Arien 522 is your catch. With a narrow thrower, you can dispose of the snow in another container as well. It has a powerful 5hp 2 cycle engine.

This engine is exclusively designed for the snow. The machine is easy to start. You just need to push the button.

Snowblowers are notorious for their recoil. Arien 522 comes with a large handle with a mitten grip.

It serves excellently in controlling the recoil. The user does not feel exhausted at the end of the work. Reduced recoil also means lesser accidents.

Users have reported lesser incidents of an accidental blow to elbows, chin, and knee. Its fuel tank holds 1.2 good gallons.

You need not refill it after every use. It also comes with incredible chute control. It can rotate up to 220°. So you can clean a large area without moving yourself or the snowblower.

2. Arien ST 1032

Arien is a well known and reputed brand for snowblowers. Nothing matches its build quality and efficiency. This model comes with a 10hp engine.

So if you have a large or rough area, it will serve the purpose. You can use it in the hilly areas as well. They have wide and rugged tires. That ensures lesser damage in rough terrain.

Also, this machine has no plastic parts making it durable. Having said that, many users have pointed out that wide tires do not help in fresh snow. They are of more help in blizzards.

3. Arien Deluxe 28:

With a 28-inch clearing stretch, this is the perfect match for residential areas. It comes with 4 cycle fuel tanks. The body is heavily built.

Electric start makes it easier to use. It is a self-propelled model. So, the user invests less physically. It is economical as well.

4. Arien Deluxe 24:

If you have to clear uneven surfaces, this is the snowblower of your use. You can easily adjust the tires to match even as well as uneven surfaces.

The compact design makes it easy to use even in narrow lanes. It comes with an electric start. It can throw snow up to 40 feet which is incredible.

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