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Software Developing Vs. Developed Software – Pros And Cons

When choosing software for your company, there are two typical ways in front of you. Either you want to go with a ready-made software that you can use right out of the box, or you want to opt for the second way in which you have the choice for customizing it according to your requirements.

I know, the second choice might seem more appealing to you, but to some people, the first one is even better. It all depends upon the circumstances. Not one of them is either superior or inferior, they are just different. Going for either of them is completely your choice, but at least you must know the difference between the two so that you can have a clear idea of which one suits you best.

Ready-Made / Commercial Software

A ready-made or commercial software is a pre-designed application made by a dedicated software development team to fulfill the requirements of different customers and users. As it is not manufactured while keeping a specific task in mind, so there is less chance that it is going to fulfill all your requirement.

However, even if you go for ready-made software and it does not come fit your needs, then you can still make changes and customize it, but only to a certain extent. Other than that it still has some restrictions



Ready to use software are more time-efficient as compared to those customized. While using such software, you don’t have to wait for hours for an app to load, moreover, you won’t have to waste your time explaining the whole business’s needs, and all you have to do is install it and start using.

Made By More Than One Experienced Person

Another plus point of ready-made software is that it has been touched by numerous of experienced professional which means that it will contain all the features which three experts think are best for you, whereas in customer software the only features present in are the ones you ordered for and not the ones you might need in the future.

Economical Solution

You get the ready-made software at a far less price than that of custom software. The reason is ready-made are made in what you may call a “bulk”, while on other hands for custom software, you would have to hire a separate professional who will charge you according to his time and effort. And in case if the development of your software prolongs, so will the cost.

No Error Correction Required

Generally, ready-made software goes through different tests and under considerations of a different profession, therefore, any error found during the testing is fixed on the spot. That’s the reason there is no chance of coming through any error while using ready-made software.

Ease Of Use And Installation

Protect Your Information Online

For instance, ready-made software is much easier to install and operate as compared to the custom one. This is because the former becomes pre-developed, you don’t have to give any instruction or change its setting.


Requires Maintenances

Most ready-made software requires yearly maintenance to keep them in the proper shape of working.

No Updates

You don’t get any update option in such software, you have to purchase the update application separately.

Annoying And Useless Features

Most of the time, ready-made software comes with such features that are of no use for the company and prove to be annoying for them.

Not Always Walks Parallel With Industry’s Needs

It happens that ready-made software might not contain the features that your industry needs. In this case, you would have to mold the industry’s requirements according to the software.

Custom / Tailor-Made Software

Custom software is developed by one professional rather than the whole team and is meant for only a specific user. The creating, deploying, designing and maintenance of such software are completely based on the order and instructions provided by the user.

Tailor-made software is much adapted to meet the business requirement, unlike off-the-shelf software in which the company has to make a lot of changes to make it adaptable.


The Best Match For Your Company’s Needs

Custom software contains almost all the features which you desired for. You don’t have to make changes in such software. All you have to do is supply the developer with all the instructions including the features you are looking for, the developer then try to make the application as best as it can, and in the end, you get the product that fulfills all the requirements of your company.

While on the other hand, ready-made software does not offer such facilities and you end up with a product that carries features that are useless for your industry.

More Productive And Efficient

With all the required features by your side, your work becomes more efficient and you are more likely to get the desired product.

No Limitations

You don’t have any limitations in custom software like that of updates, apps restrictions, etc.

You Own The Product

The plus point of custom software is that you officially own the product, no other third party is using your software, while in the case of ready-made software, and there is always a chance that it has been shared with other parties too.



Custom software is often expensive than the ready-made ones as described earlier


They are proven to be more time consuming as you will first have to give all the basic instruction to the software and then proceed for the further working

No Support

Typically while using custom software, you are not provided with the company’s support

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