What Is Strata Management Services?

If only managing the corporation would end at arranging repairs and maintenance and managing financials, that would probably not need a professional.

But the job extends to understanding complex legislation, which keeps changing over time and handling conflicts between owner requirements.

When you opt for strata management services, you can secure your future and ensure a seamless running of the corporation.

At STM, we acknowledge that every property is unique and strive to ascertain we tailor our services to meet specific needs.

Strata Management Services

Some of our services include:


One of the reasons for delays to enquiries is the absence of a professional committed to handling the responsibility. With such a service, the owners can quickly get their required information.

Strata secretarial functions include attending to owner enquiries. Besides, it saves you the effort of preparing and distributing agendas and minutes and administering ballots.

Financial Management

Efficient financial management calls for skills, knowledge, and expertise. Additionally, debt recovery and collecting contributions can only be headaches.

Strata specialists help you manage your funding, draft the budgets, issue levy notices, recover debt, and collect contributions.


Who maintains the corporation by-laws? That would be a package in the strata management services. The constant repairs are another daunting fact, especially if the building has been up and running for decades.

A strata manager ensures building compliance, maintains by-laws and strata rolls and records, and even arranges for building insurances.

How About Smarter Benefits?

Choosing STM leaves you with better and smarter benefits below:

Electricity Saving

We can organize for the review of the electricity and gas services to common areas, to help the Owners Corporation cut back on their spending. As of now, our offerings include:

  • Advice on energy consumption, the usage rates, and saving energy.
  • Check the energy billing to ensure they are accurate.
  • A review and comparison of the available options.
  • Checking contract expiration dates to ensure the corporation aligns with the deadlines as part of our proactive management.

25% off Landlord Insurance

It is suitable for any apartment, unit, townhouse, or villa landlord. CHU Landlords Insurance is a cover that is tax deductible and offers protection to landlords against any damage or loss of their investment property.

Better yet, you can continue to receive rent if your tenant moves out suddenly or damages the property, making it unfit for occupation.

23% Off Contents Insurance

Most strata owners think that their building’s insurance policy covers their contents, and unfortunately, it does not. Every time you believe the misconception, you put your possessions at risk.

If any owner or resident wishes to cover their property, they will have to organize a personal insurance package.

The contents insurance will secure your TV and computers, jewellery, clothing, blinds, and even your electrical appliances.

$110 Off The Tax Depreciation Schedule

When it comes to tax time, a common oversight by investors is property depreciation, leading to loss of taxation benefits. Many investors try to make the most of their property, which is good.

With just $550 including GST (saves $110), Mitchell Brandtman, the leading Quantity Surveyor, will prepare a detailed Tax Depreciation Schedule for your property.


Opting for strata management services saves the corporation money, time, and effort. Besides, doing things right is essential, and a professional can handle the simplest to the complicated stuff effortlessly.

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