How To Style A Tuxedo Suit

This is your ultimate style guide and makes a statement with your tuxedo suit this season. Always go for a classic look while wearing or choosing a tuxedo. To do so, make sure that your outfit matches with each other and the occasion. And how can you forget the accessories: shoes, braces, tie, pants, and jacket. The only trick to looking classy and put together in a tuxedo is to know which tuxedo style to be worn and when. Would you please go through our guide before going ahead and dressing up for your next formal event?

  • Go for the black-tie look: It is always better to be overdressed rather than being underdressed. A black tie adds a pop to your already plain white shirt.
  • Pick the appropriate jacket and pants: There are various options in the fashion industry for these two pieces- Jackets & Pants. You can never go wrong with the classic notch lapel, single-breasted jacket. You can go for pants that have a silk stripe outside the leg, don’t cuff them.
  • Don’t cut corners of the bow tie: It is always better to wear a tie instead of a no-tie. Always choose a bow-tie for your tuxedos that you can tie yourself.
  • Do wear a vest: Be it a tuxedo for formal events, a wedding Tuxedos and Suits, wearing a vest inside your shirt is always a good idea. If you’re not wearing a vest or a cummerbund, your tux look will be incomplete. Pro-tip: Never wear a vest or cummerbund with braces.
  • Accessories to be added: Choose a pair of black silk socks that stretch till your mild-calves or knees. Add a pocket square that matches & compliments your tie. You can amp it up a little by wearing a homburg or a fedora.
  • Accessories to be avoided: Men commonly think that wearing a watch would complement the look. A thin silver understated watch is acceptable but never go for a chunky wristwatch. Avoid adding accessories such as hats and gloves. These accessories are not meant to be worn with a tux.
  • Choose the right time: Wear a tux only after 6 P.M in an evening event or party. For a morning gathering or formal meetings, you can opt for formal morning suits. The dark grey and black tuxedos should generally be worn and are appropriate for an evening party and event.
  • Wear leather shoes or well-polished Oxfords: Either of the two is acceptable. The shoes should be plain and not too over-the-top. Avoid square-toed shoes, tassels, elaborate stitching, and spats. It would be best if you also avoided sneakers, sandals, or thigh-high boots.
  • Wearing a tuxedo is an art: Pay attention to some of these details, and anyone can master the art of wearing a tuxedo.

Follow these tips for your next event or party, and trust us, you’re going to stand out from everyone else. In a room full of men in a tuxedo, people will still stare & admire your tuxedo style.

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