Stylish PPE By Stoggles

As the world around us throws curve balls our way, we all have to meet the challenges of modern living while protecting ourselves and our loved ones. Personal protective equipment has fast become a necessity of daily living, and Stoggles is a company that is ready to make protecting yourself more stylish.

The Importance Of Protecting Your Eyes

PPE is a great tool to protect eyes against splash exposures, including corrosive materials or fluids that may contain infectious material like bacteria or viruses.

Shielding blue light has become a more prevalent issue since screens have become a major part of most people’s lives.

Although blue light isn’t as damaging to the eyes in reality, as sunlight is, it does do a number on the internal clock.

Blue light is responsible for sleep pattern disruptions, and many people want to find affordable eyewear to help improve their sleep or to prevent any problems with blue light, in general.

Four Great Reasons To Use PPE In The Workplace Include:

  • Prevention of long-term damage to the eyes: Long-term damage in the workplace is much less easy to notice as it is slowly occurring, so taking action to prevent slow and steady damage is prudent.
  • It might save you from losing a workman’s comp case in the future: Employees who have failed to take the proactive step of wearing personal protective gear have been denied compensation after suffering workplace injuries. It seems unfair, but it is a fact.
  • It will improve your workday: Knowing you are protected from short or long-term injury is something that helps any anxiety you might have about the safety of your career. If you work with screens, PPE that blocks blue light is even more effective in providing you with better rest at night.
  • You’re protecting your sight! Every year in the United State, almost 2 ½ million eye injuries take place, with 50,000 of them resulting in loss of sight.

Why Wear Bulky, Unappealing Protective Eyewear?


In the past, bulky, unattractive equipment was available — unitasking issues that can be streamlined into everyday attire. Protecting yourself from splash contamination, harmful light contamination, and more was handled by layering multiple pieces of strange-looking attire over your everyday eyeglasses.

The amount of waste generated by single-use face shields and other protective equipment makes us ask if there is a better way to keep our eyes safe from harmful rays and other hazards we encounter every day at work and in the home.

An Array of Colors And Face Flattering Shapes

Luckily, Stylish PPE by Stoggles has recently become available to protect your eyes from blue light, splash contamination, and also serve you as a pair of your normal prescription glasses.

They even offer a unique anti-fog lens to prevent face masks from rendering you temporarily blinded by fog. Seven frame colors, with two designs that can be fitted to narrow or wide faces, offer a much more tailored look to your protective lenses, no matter why you wear them.

The timeless design is flattering to an infinite array of face shapes, and the choices of color tint will flatter any skin tone. Any type of corrective lens can be put into the Stoggles frames, including readers or just a clear lens for those among us who don’t need corrective lenses. Feminine, Masculine, or non-binary: these frames will accentuate any look that comes their way.

Protecting Your Eyes Never Looked Better, For Less Money!

If you’re ordering alone, or if a whole team is ordering – there are ways to save money with Stoggles. Right now, use the code 2PACK to get $10 off any order of two sets of glasses, or refer a friend for a $10 voucher off your next purchase.

If you are ordering for a larger team, there are significant group discounts offered to your business. Your whole team will thank you for providing them safety, a great fit, and style all rolled into one pair of safety glasses.

Seeing clearly, with fog-proof, anti-scratch lenses in any prescription, has never been easier for your team. Eye protection in the workplace is an essential need of many industries, and Stoggles is here to provide that to you.

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