Text Message Marketing

How Text Message Marketing Can Help Your Business

Why are businesses everywhere choosing text message marketing? Perhaps because it is working. There are several benefits of text message marketing. But before we dive into the many benefits, we have to establish what SMS marketing is.

Why SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is the newest way for businesses to connect with their customers via text messaging. With the success of this upcoming trend, it is hard to ignore. Now more than ever, businesses are using SMS marketing to send promotions through text messages. One of the benefits of the system is its speed. It is quick and practically seamless to send a text message.

We continually communicate back and forth with people via text message all day long. In fact, over six billion texts are sent in a day. And eight trillion texts are sent around the world every year. SMS marketing is a great option because of these statistics.

Is SMS Marketing Effective?

The high percentage of 90% of people prefer text messaging over phone calls. This means that most people would rather get a discount coming straight to their phones than through their phone. Statistics show that 98% of text messages are opened, and 95% of text messages are read and responded to in only three minutes. SMS marketing has a high response rate of 45%.

We’ve discussed how texting is easy and accessible and how people prefer it to other forms of communication, but is it safe to say SMS marketing is effective?

Additionally, it is shown that 64% of people are more likely to view a business positively if the business has personally contacted them through text. So yes, it is safe to say that SMS marketing is effective.

When you get a personalized text just for you, it is the most meaningful. This is exactly the intent of Community: to create personalized messages that lead to a relationship between a business owner and customer.

Why Community?

When it comes to SMS marketing, Community is the system you’ll want to use. It is truly the only one of its kind that makes it extremely easy to create personal text messages to send to your customer. It also is very easy to get started with Community with only two steps.

How Can Text Message Marketing Help Your Business?

1. Growth.

In any business, growth is essential, and that is the end goal after all. No matter how large or how small, growth is an absolute necessity in business.

You cannot grow without the right tools. Maybe you have tried sending mass emails or creating that perfect facebook post, but you have still come up dry.

Maybe it is time to try SMS marketing. This may just be the missing tool that helps your business go from minor to booming.

SMS marketing can help grow your business by causing more customers to come back into your store or make one more online purchase.

2. Exclusivity

Creating exclusivity within a target audience is a powerful tool to find the most loyal customers. After all, everyone loves the feeling of getting invited to something exclusive.

When a person receives a text crafted just for them featuring first dibs on an upcoming sale, that person is more likely to act on it. That person feels a sense of inclusion and is more likely to take part in the sale.

Exclusivity is the unique part about community that cannot be found just anywhere. Community makes it very simple to get personal with your customers.

3. Demonstrates Your Business is “with the times”.

There is nothing worse than a business that has significant potential but is still stuck with old traditions that ultimately outdate the company.

Participating in the new SMS marketing will show that your company is able to adjust to the changes of modern times. After all, you want people of all ages coming to your business, and showing that you are able to keep up with trends reaches younger generations.

What Makes Community Stand Out?

Community is the only one of its kind. Yes, there are several SMS marketing systems to choose from, but Community allows you to personally draft the messages you send.

This means no more spams or mass messages sent by robots. It allows you to be exclusive with a target audience meaning that a message intended for a small portion of your customers will not be seen by everyone.

Advantages of Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is the newest, most efficient way to engage with your customers. SMS marketing causes growth, exclusivity and demonstrates that your business is “with the times”. Community is changing the way people do business.

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